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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Instinct, definition, explanation.

 According to United nature theory-Wave theory,

Every living {quantum} formation

by instincts, reflexes and intelligence fights

for its survivable.


Tejman  Chaim, Henry Dr.

United nature theory-Wave theory



Instincts are behaviors that have been acquired by generation’s experience of species, and that are necessary for continue survivable of that individual and species {evidences- deep encoded energetic memory frames {quantum M. Planck} in brain’s white matter}.

Those energetic deep encoded frames {millions of memory frames “quanta” created by active energetic matter} that behave like movie {by pictures- like GPS in birds, smells, temperature, contacts and by other different goads that are specific for every species with their specific brain formation .

With time by the like behavior memory frames and their specific locations are enhance, change or disperse but if from time to time by recall, this event, energetic matter enhance those memories {quanta} energetic frames.

The last peculiar scientific works show that  autism child, who have problems with reading, can overcome this problem by chinese old pictures alphabet, that indicate that our new cortex, developed on primary old brain formations.  

Instinct, in co-action with intelligence, dictates the behavior of individuals or of colony for every situation they encounter. .

Those deeply encoded instincts store behavior and information’s even from thousands years 

Every living in depended creation from surrounding for survivable must posses some amount of intelligence in addition to instinct and in co-action with Intelligence dictates behavior of individuals or colony for every situation.



In human being intelligence {cortex} rule over some deep encoded instincts, that happens also in some “intelligence” animals but ‘’primitive’ animals are ruled mainly by instincts.

Reflex: are learned encoded energetic remembers frames {by intelligence and instincts} that are located in regional ganglions, myelin sheds etc that are first station that became the message from infected” region and immediately send order to response “and simultaneously send message to brain.

Instincts- Reflex, that reacts, some time, before they came directly in contact with goad.




Instinct: A nature inherent certain behaviors located in white matter that an organism is born with, contribute to survival of different traits. Those traits are inherited but some are acquired as a result from interactions {Lamarck’s, Darwin’s works} with the environment.


Prediction 1:

It’s known that every year the storks couple returnee exactly to their previous place and nest {probably by their memory frames - brain movie - by pictures}.         Please try to move the nest a few streets or completely remove the nest and observe what the storks remember, because brain memory frames, sophisticated open quanta formations  {movie } act as like GPS.

Prediction 2:

Perhaps, by chips, inserted to brain of birds we can understand their behavior and even history and geographic changes of our planet.



Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry, April. 2008


The theory of everything