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Fireball: explanation


An Explanation According to the Wave Theory.

{United Nature Theory} 


Tejman Chaim, Henry.

Jerusalem 18/03/2008


To understand of this natural creation and behavior of fireball we must understand the behavior of the nature and United Nature Theory explain and even predict like phenomenon’s of the quantum {wave} formation behavior. 

Introduction of quantum by M. Planck {the most basic sophisticated creation of Nature} and development of this idea by A. Einstein give the key to success of understand behavior of the nature.

Those different quanta formations create everything so that are different equations for this same sophisticated creation.  

From all equations we see, that are two main’s behaviors,            


Faraday’s, Maxwell’s. Schrodinger’s and Tejman’s equations show that both said of their equations are composed by the same energetic matter.  

That means that only one substance creates everything that have two mains behaviors and one behavior can pass from one form to the other and vice versa. WAVE to PARTICLE and PARTICLE to WAVE.



Schrodinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

       The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh

.All those equations are related to this one ingenious sophisticated quantum {wave} formation and the United Nature Theory try describes and explains this formations and its behavior.  



Tejman’s equation, on basis different scientific observations, explain, that all, nature stabile formations must be quantum

{two “semi -loops”} formation.


Left, magnetic semi-loop is more- gravity.   Right, electric semi-loop is more- energetic            

 Left. particle behavior.      Both, together, are wave-particle        Right, electric behavior.


Every “semi –loop” have some properties of the other, and their proportions are dependent by phase transition.


The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic semi-loop equals the energetic semi-loop, which equals 1 {1=1}. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan. But in different phase transitions the proportion of the semi-loops, electric/magnetic are changed that cause, that quantum formation became other behavior.



Energetic matter –constant active, moving, condensed energetic space time, Van der Waals force, Casimir force that by revolve and rotation motion create quantum,

wave - particle formation {C. Tejman}.

A. Einstein: space fabrics….. Condensed space, time….. Space time curvatures.




The quantum formation has different shapes.

Quantum {M. Planck} is comprised of two energetic semi-loops {+and-0}

wave formation {C. Tejman}.




Energetic matter motion { red electric path, blue magnetic path }.




Rotation and revolve motion of energetic matter {red-electric,

Blue-magnetic properties} create quantum {M. Planck} =

wave formation {C. Tejman}. 


Energetic matter moving by space time curvatures and by dint of its swirling and spinning behaviors, create waves {quanta} formations.


Wave formation:{quantum} the energetic loop to the right (of both pictures) pushes outward, while the magnetic-gravity loop (left) pushes the energetic matter inside


More explanation of space time curvatures {geometry} behavior.


Galaxy M 51 {classical two semi loop wave formation} quantum.



 Electric semi-loop…magnetic semi-loop {wave particle}

The best formation for investigation of energetic matter is photon {M. Planck} quantum {wave particle}. It is well known experiment of light, with two perpendicular slits which clearly show that photon have two properties, behaviors not identical, but they have some properties of each other and one can turn into second and vice versa.

That means that this one behavior of the sophisticated energetic matter by change space time geometry {A. Einstein} turn into other behavior. 

Absolutely everything in the universe derives from the same, identical form of energetic matter — the wave formation — and adheres to its rules. Every stable energetic formation {quantum} is thus a wave formation: one quantum composed of two swirls (vortices, electric and magnetic) that are connected by energetic paths.

A. Einstein’s space time geometry is explained by United Nature Theory {C.Tejman} by introducing to quantum two semi loops {720˚}, electric and magnetic – that is one wave formation                        

                                             Energetic matter behavior.

The two properties of the one photon – quantum, wave, formation.



Tracery from chapter: Photon-wave theory {book 1, Tejman}

Book I United Nature Theory



Explanations of photons, light, stream.




In photons {quanta} stream, energetic matter, circulate inside and between photons.



Solitary photon immediately disperse to space



The movement of energetic matter, in light, that is aligned into stream of photons.



Motion of energetic matter.



Motion of energetic matter by condensed electric path {semi-loop} and by magnetic-gravity {dispersion semi-loop}.


Upshot-Knothole Grable


The best explanation we obtain from nature of behavior the same matter.



Motion of energetic matter in DNA {double helix}.

Only nature can explain quantum {gravitational wave} formation





NASA The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl - left 




Quantum formation

The motion of energetic matter by quanta formation in hurricane {NASA}.


The motion of energetic matter by open quanta formations. 


Explanation of fireball creation.

  Water molecules, which are also small wave formations, garner their energy from the sun and other sources. Gradually, the molecules become more energetically active and their hydrogen and oxygen electron circles (loops) expand. They, then, act as an anti-gravitation force (for a limited period), which is capable of countering the earth’s gravitation, and they then proceed to evaporate in the sky by cloud formation and the aforementioned increase in energy expands the energetic space of the molecules and subsequently the link between neighboring molecules is weakened.

 As posited in my equation of gravitation, the two vortexes of a wave are endowed with antagonistic properties, and in constant competition but are nevertheless aligned as one wave formation in which the forces of gravitation and anti-gravitation are in a state of perpetual superposition (Schrodinger’s ingenious idea) .     

Tejman’s equation of gravity:



energetic matter


 Newton and Einstein’s equations on gravity are well known. To follow is an additional approach to the behavior of gravity in different phases.

If energetic matter is highly concentrated in a limited area, gravity is correspondingly high and vice versa. We can think of gravity as concentrated energetic matter in a particular space: the more concentrated the matter, the higher the level of gravity. also contribute to the force of gravity.

The relative proportion of the energetic loop in a particular formation determines if the structure is in a wave or particle phase transition. Water molecules that have enlarged their energetic space ascend and enter the wave phase transition, like cloud formation. This increase in energy results in larger cloud circles, which facilitate the circulation of additional energetic matter. The Energetic matter is in a state of perpetual motion and in order to maintain this movement it must be enclosed in a wave formation, like cloud formation. Therefore, the energy creates clouds, and every type of cloud is essentially a wave formation.

  Logically, waves should constantly expand due to the constant increase of energy from the sun. However, nature follows its own set of rules. Wave theory contends that from the moment that the creation of an energetic wave and cloud is complete it ceases to expand. They can only absorb or store limited quantities of energy temporarily. In our particular case of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, the energy is expelled and dispersed primarily by water drops and lightning, which is a pure form of energetic matter (electric – quark – semi loop). The second semi-loop with heavy condensed properties,{magnetic, gravity quark} is also dispersed, slowly by water molecules-rain, Consequently, rain is always accompanied by a rise in the temperature of the surrounding area. Suddenly dispensation of energetic matter cause of very strong lightning {electric – semi loop} and appearance simultaneously large magnetic –gravity condensed semi-loop which disperse more slowly- THAT IS THE FIRBALL..



The behavior of NATURE {energetic matter} is smiple but is so sophisticated that is still beyond our imagination.                                          

Summery: FIRBALL, arise by suddenly discharge of energetic matter from clouds which always appears as quantum formation {two semi-loops, electric- lightning and magnetic- rain and FIRBALL.

Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. Marc 2008                                                                                                  Everything theory.