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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything

Energy: definition.


This main ONE ! electric basic force CEATED FROM SPCE [“space fabrics” A. Einstein] which by peculiar swirling motion and condensed space time curvatures [A. Einstein]  create space time geometry formation              [A. Einstein]=quantum [M. Planck] = two semi lops-wave formation[C.Tejman], that create EVERYTHING!


Energy = activity of condensed, swirling, electric sophisticated space!


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr. Jerusalem,

United nature theory-Wave theory


The ingenious mathematical equations of A. Einstein and     M. Planck are unified by United Nature Theory-Wave Theory [C.Tejman] and explained by nature evidences.


The famous experiment of M. Faraday




Explain that ONLY BY MOTION OF SPACE [magnet] in closed electro-magnetic formation, appears “ ENERGY” – MOTION FORCE.

MOTION OF SPACE in closed Faraday system [like quantum] arise in second PERPENDICULAR SPACE, ENERGETIC FORCE,


Faraday’s system was like the first closed quantum formation [M. Planck] or gravitational wave [A. Einstein] or two semi-loops [electric-magnetic] wave formation [C.Tejman].


The best explanation of M. Faraday experiment we obtain from nature.

On Basis M-51 galaxy we see that.small and large  formations must have the same behavior. {A. Einstein}

This galaxy clearly show two different swirls [electric-magnetic], like Faradays experiment, connected by two energetic path and is completely independent wave {Quantum} formation..

More beautiful explanation that nature give can not be!


Galaxy created by space [first quantum formation].

Galaxy create stars.

Stars create solar systems [planets].

Planets create atoms.

All creations by phase transitions disperse again to space.

Circular vicious of energetic matter.


The main sophisticated ONE basic energetic, electric force CEATED FROM constant active SPACE by its condensed peculiar motion create quantum formation that create all forces and everything.


Summary :

This work is only additional step for understand behaviour of energetic matter and nature.


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