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 Einstein’s Twin “Paradox” definition.

This like paradox is the most ingenious, sophisticated, unbelievable behavior of energetic matter in quantum formation. Einstein was the first that by ingenious intuition feel the mysterious behavior of quantum and its importance.

Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.  Jerusalem.

United Nature Theory-Wave theory



Einstein's Twins (not paradox) that is the natural behavior of energetic matter in quantum formation, that appears by expulsion of different smallest ‘brothers and sisters’ wave formations [quanta] from this one energetic matter source (from this on mother swirl).


These ‘brothers and sisters’ quanta mutually have different space, time and energy (quantum metabolism) and they are in  different phase transitions.       

The unbelievable, ingenious idea that shows the relationship between motion of energetic matter and space-time is only in quantum formation.

United Nature Theory explains this by illustrations of the natural behavior.

 In physics, the twin paradox is a thought experiment in Special Relativity, in which a person who makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket will return home to find he or she has aged less than an identical twin who stayed on Earth. This result appears puzzling, since the situation seems symmetrical, as the latter twin can be considered to have done the travelling with respect to the former. Hence it is called a "paradox". In fact, there is no contradiction and the apparent paradox is explained within the framework of relativity theory, and has been verified experimentally using precise measurements of clocks flown in aeroplanes.


In every quantum formation include our Universe appears endless

quantum formations with their endless behaviors and one of them is        Einstein's Twins paradox.


Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry, April 2008  

The theory of everything