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Hydrogen-H, atom structure 

By United Nature Theory.


Hydrogen atom is the smallest, basic, stabile, unclosed quantum, wave-particle formation.



Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.


United nature theory-Wave theory



The smallest particle was named in different ways : quantum, photon {Max Planck}

Wave-particle, Christian Huygens, Isaac Newton,

Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie.

Gravitational wave, space fabrics, condensed space time {Albert Einstein},

Wave formation - energetic mater={condensed energetic space time} , the smallest unclosed quantum formation, large heavy photon {Chaim Tejman}.


.Hydrogen Atom.


Atomic Number: 1
Atomic Mass: 1.00794 amu
Melting Point: -259.14 °C (14.009985 K, -434.45203 °F)
Boiling Point: -252.87 °C (20.280005 K, -423.166 °F)
Number of Protons/Electrons: 1
Number of Neutrons: like WZ particle{ Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow and Abdus Salam} because H atom is high energetic passerby from photon not stabile wave particle to stabile wave particle{quantum}  .
Classification: Non-metal
Crystal Structure: Hexagonal
Density @ 293 K: 0.08988 g/cm3

Color: colorless

Number of Energy Levels: 1

First Energy Level: 1

Date of Discovery: 1766
Discoverer: Henry Cavendish
Name Origin: From the Greek words hudôr (water) and gennan (generate)
Obtained From: water, air mines, oil, gas ect.

Atomic radius 0.79 very large relative to his number with, large capacity

of energetic matter that is  important for “life” creation.
The main atom is important for the “living” creations because of it’s large energy capacity.


Half Life


Stable by molecule formation




12.3 years


Date of Discovery: 1766
Discoverer: Henry Cavendish
Name Origin: From the Greek words hudôr (water) and gennan (generate)
Obtained From: water  air mines, oil, gas .

The most energetic quantum-heavy photon.



Solar prominence like gravitational wa-ve,   unclosed -

Quantum forma-tion.



H. atom.



United Nature Theory – The wave theory tries to join nature observations with laboratory researches according to explain this ingenious sophisticated behavior of the basic substance that creates everything. 

The primary and basic creation of this substance {space fabrics-energetic matter} quantum-wave formation is composed from two basic forces that are always in superposition {Schrodinger cat} and the forces change according to the phase transition.

The photon {not a stabile} and hydrogen {stabile} atom are the smallest quantum formations exist.

Like every wave quantum, which is composed from two “semi loops” wave formation, the  H. atom is also composed from “two semi-loops” {swirls}.

1. The Kerr swirl ejecting electric path that is ascending strong force.

2. Schwarzschild swirl with it’s weak serpentine curvature path motion.




Every quantum composed by two main forces, strong and weak.




The Solar prominence ascending and descending a path.




Solar prominence, {behavior}.


Different solar prominences.

Quantum wave formation.



When we split gravitational wave we separate the two semi loops which are two quarks (+-) that immediately create wave formation for continuous one energetic matter flow. Only quantum as stabile 

two semi-loops formation  can continue exist

That means H atom must have two components electric and magnetic 0{-}.


Quantum behavior {basic}

One quantum wave formations


2207&IC2163 galaxies 51 NASA

Galaxy M- NGC-

Feynman’s “the sum over  paths method”

Feynman’s ingenious works show two parts of energetic behavior.




Stabile wave { quantum } formation.




Stefan’s quintet galaxies model for atom H

Explanation model.

The explanation of Stephan's Quintet galaxies help us to Describe better the atom , (gravitational wave).

I have created an illustration of atom’s formation based on the photograph of Stephan’s quintet and other galaxies

1. proton behaves like Kerr swirls 00

2. proton positron paths.

3  positron (cloud, swirl); 450.

4. Neutron ,  900 , like (Schwarzschild swirl)

5. Neutron electron paths. (In galaxies paths of stars , planets atom formation etc.)

6. Electron (clouds). 2700 ,

7. Electron orbits around proton. (Feynman “Sum over histories”).

Proton – Neutron wave formations 900. .

Electron – Positron 900   wave formations.

Description of behavior Hydrogen atom, (gravitational wave).

Proton, like Kerr swirl, black hole propels energetic pathway which by revolving and rotation motion, this one energetic paths creates additional three atomic particles form closed formation, bubble formation.

Every particle in the wave atom paths has its own geometrical space formation, gravitational field trajectory and what we call charges that are gravitational fields, specific for every particle.

Einstein solution was crafted ingeniously by Riemannian geometry, Gaus curvature, Richi curvature, gravitational wave. Wave theory shows the way nature confirms these predictions of Einstein 100 years ago.

Tejman equation of quantum energetic matter behavior.









Schrodinger quantum equation.






Feynman’s “the sum over  paths method"

Feynman, Schrodinger and Tejman clearly show that Quantum totality { M. Planck} has two space geometry behaviors

{ A. Einstein } for continue energetic  matter circulation.

Hydrogen is a classic unclosed {C. Tejman} quantum {M. Planck}, Gravitational wave { A. Einstein } formation.


Description of Hydrogen atom behavior. {side vieu}

1     hydrogen atom 

View from side

3 e. path circulation


From the proton {red} arise energetic path {red} which by revolving and the rotation motion creates another particle of space geometry 45˚ relative to proton and we call to this part of atom ‘positron’ {red}. Before the positron transferee to a neutron it swells with energetic matter {plasma}. That is because neutron can accept only small packets of energetic matter.

Neutron {blue, 90˚ to proton} is a thick particle, it storages atoms energetic matter. The surplus of energetic matter is expelling as electron path and also as energetic matter by space time curvatures {A. Einstein} to the inside of the atom. On the end of the electron path, the energetic matter {H. Tejman} accumulate as wavy cloud 270˚, relative to proton, that's because the proton also swallow small packages of energetic matter from the electron for continuing the circulation of the energetic matter in atom . Electron-wave-cloud is a part of gravitational semi-loop together with the neutron.

Proton, which its behavior is like the black hole-Kerr swirl. It can swallow only the surplus of energetic matter, and the escaping-electron continue its circulation for the next alike process.

This circulation of energetic matter {atoms metabolism} is a living process of hydrogen quantum formation {see paper "sleep"} and all quantum formations.

The electron path is very long with a large ellipse circulation The circulation happens on the atomic energetic matter {plasma} and not within empty space. This hydrogen space is fulfilling with small space time curvatures    {A. Einstein} {or Casimir force}. The wild behavior of the energetic matter cause the electron’s path circulation, not to circulate like matrix formation      { Feynman’s “the sum over  paths method” or Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle }

The surplus of energetic matter from around it, enlarge atom capacity and electron path circulation. Though, a quantum formation created once can’t grow anymore, {except living creation’s where surplus of energetic matter is stored between molecules} so the surplus of energetic matter must be expel. Every atom can hold only specific surplus of energetic matter for itself {Van der Walls forces}.

Moreover, the expelled surplus of energetic matter {photon} appears by characteristic for its atom. Expelled energetic matter immediately create wave-quantum- formation –photon {third law of thermodynamics-Tejman} and the atom return to it’s ground {basic} energetic level formation.

The electron of atom is connected to neutron by a long energetic path and the last part  of it’s  is the wavy free cloud bounced, like pendulum, of a clock. Which closed intermittent H atom, {quantum formation} for continuing atomic energy circulation. That is the reason that I call to the atom unclosed wave-quantum-formation. If we heat the atom it’s energetic matter capacity will grow and the last particle electron come to contact with neighbor atom’s proton and share intermittent with neighbor electron common energetic paths. We call that Covalent binding. According to disconnect this bond we must also add energetic matter to enlarge more of the electron’s path and their loss neighbors protons.

All energetic matter formations {particles} in H. atom are in superposition,.   {Schrödinger’s idea }.  The quantum formation is the strongest closed structure formation that was ever known.


View from up on H. atom.


The neutron in H aton is high energetic- WZ particle  {Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow and Abdus Sala


The structure of

H. Atom

I describe  on

Basis M-51 galaxy.

Small and large      formations must have

The same behavior.

{A. Einstein}

This galaxy clearly

show two different swirls connected by two energetic path and is completely independent wave

{Quantum} formation.






Her I bring beautiful work of Josef George.



1) Density of space matter


Her I bring picture from Joseph George where he beautifully explain hydrogen atom.






In this work Josef George show that H atom ii nit empty formation..




The same picture as in 5 page taken from two telescopes.

The structure of H Atom I also describe on basis Stefan’s  quintet galaxies.. Small like atom and large like galaxies  formations must have the same behavior. {A. Einstein}   This galaxy clearly show two different swirls connected by two energetic paths and is completely independent wave {quantum} formation and their entire space is not empty.

Collision ?                              Discussion:

Her I bring original works for discussion:

The shapes of galaxies are influenced by their neighbors and often, galaxies collide.

cartwheel galaxy

According to United Nature Theory that is one classical wave-quantum-formation.

"electron" path is clearly visible{2WZ} Prediction-Please search for electric –energetic path {1}   


The unusual shape of the Cartwheel Galaxy is likely due to a collision with one of the smaller galaxies on the lower left several hundred million years ago. This image combines data from four different observatories: the Chandra X-ray Observatory (purple); the Galaxy Evolution Explorer satellite (ultraviolet/blue); the Hubble Space Telescope (visible/green); and the Spitzer Space Telescope (infrared/red). [+ more]

The Milky Way is itself on a collision course with our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. Even though it is the same age as the Milky Way, Hubble observations reveal that the stars in Andromeda's halo are much younger than those in the Milky Way. From this and other evidence, astronomers can infer that Andromeda has already smashed into at least one and maybe several other galaxies.

Another example:

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.

Andromeda Island Universe
Credit & Copyright: Robert Gendler

According to United Nature Theory that is classical wave-quantum-formation Galaxies NGC 2207  IC 2163


According to United Nature Theory that is classical wave-quantum formation That is beautiful picture of

beginning quantum creation. The right

I suppose Is high energetic Kerr swirl

and left Schwarzschild gravity swirl.

Around gravity swirl we see energetic

path with stars formation. .

United NatureTheory is only beginning 

of additional idea to existing and still

can’t explain exactly behavior of energetic matter. pic.↓ NGC 2207  IC 2163




Prediction: Her is WZ particle of theirs galaxy formation

Please search for beginning galaxy semi-loop.

They are two arms. One is electric path and second magnetic.


The space of young formation is very large and with time its more and more condensed and then we can see both semi loops together..

Space fabrics {A. Einstein} is source for everything.



NGC 3359 is a spiral galaxy with an open spiral pattern and a bar, so it is classified as type SB(rs)c. It is located in the constellation Ursa Major (the Big Bear). The strong blue color indicates that vigorous star formation is



This paper is food of though for a lot of scientist.


Hydrogen atom is Main atom for “Living” creations by its large energetic capacity.






Hydrogen Atom is the basic smallest, stabile. unclosed quantum, wave- particle, formation.




Copyright: Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. August 2007


The theory of everything.





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