Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



Quantum made of

By Quantum creation,mirabilissophisticated circle vicious,made by God's magic particle.

Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of Grand United [Unified] Theory

United [Unified] Nature Theory Wave Theory


ThisBereshitsHiggs wave particle made everything

Pict. Circle vicious, gravitational wave, quantum, atom, aurora nebulaetc.


This Higgs Bereshit mirabilis particle "quantum" made everything by sophisticated substance by circle vicious.

This wave particle made everything.

This magic quantum creation has space but not borders.[ as classic Tejman's quantum with borders ]

This magic creation is the smallest and large as the Universe.

This magic creationmade by still mystery substance which isstill source for endless researches.

This like simple Higg's?Bereshit creation by space fabrics [ A. Einstein]

is the most ingenious sophisticated creation

By its peculiar waves paths swirling behavior motion create

Two main quarks electro-magnetic forces

Strong and weak and all kmown forces to all direction

Made energy bv wave motion

Made electricity by photon electron wave motion

Made dark matter and dark energy

Newton's gravity and

White[ A. Einstein] matter and energy

by quantum formation

This most ingenious sophisticated creation

by it's? bubbles strings quarks behavior create?

organic and living creations

Higg's Reshit mirabilis particle breath

by continue shrinking and expanding.



This creation "Bereshit"[of beginning-bibble],Higgs boson?This creation may be of all sizes [from the smallest to the largest as Universe] TShis peculiar swirling behavior push [pull] everything to inside. They stink [pull] other Reshit's [only by adhere. Not made molecule, that causes them to condensation by stinking that rises endless pressure and temperature and that made Dark Energy [Dark Matter] which push only to inside DARK QRAVITY [NEWTON'S absolute gravity, Dark energy gravity].

Not shine because nothing can escape. The Reshit adhere to everything. Reshits are dispersed in cosmos [cosmos dust]. That is the dust which is dangerous for cosmonauts]

Dark energy ["matter"], condensed dispersed Reshits


 Desktop Wallpaper ? Gallery ? Space 
 The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

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The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

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         The dark matter [dark energy] of collected Reshits [Higgs] absorb everything from vicinity include light; That create very high "energy" capacity by condensed Reshits [Higgs particless].


By continue swirling motionBereshits made very condensed spaces which push outside Reshits condensed spaces as pressed bubbles segments one after otherand create many cones extensions which made huge gravitons.

Cones of gravitons.

תמונה קשורה

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crt side huge of pict. swirling graviton

Condensed Reshits, create dark matter [called also dark energy] and gravitons [cones creation]

Dark matter [dark energy create many gravitons [cones].

See full size image

galaxy wallpaper (5)

http://www.narrowbandimaging com/Tricolor_page.htm

The see of strong condensed Reshits push strong to inside made dark gravity.

White gravitymade by Einstein'closed quantum formation.

Negative gravitymadeby pushingbehavior of proton's quark [glidings].

Dark matter [energy] create graviton

By continue swirling condensation's motionReshits,made very condensed energetic spaces which push outside Reshits in form of pressure segments form cones creation Reshit's segments one after other.These segments made huge graviton [formation like proton's quark].



Graviton is created by segments [of Reshit's. Form made by compressed Reshit bubbles]

This huge graviton Is one of the most ingenious creation of Nature,which made simultaneously two main forces by one creation!!!. [The two quarks forces made quantum].

In very dense spaces by pressure Reshits [Higgs] bubbles are pushed outside one after other and made huge gravitons [graviton like proton quark spin 1[+] composed by pressed Reshits bubbles like butterfly. Segments by perpendicular circular motion to the up graviton motion.That has neutrons quark spin [-0].

Bereshit's [Higgs particle] bubbleis the most amazing creation. Bereshit's [[Higgsas one creation] pushedby dark pressed matter [condescend one creation] made hugeone formation, graviton, that create behavior of two \creations-forces-quarks.

Reshit's[Higgs particles]] as one creation made 2 creation's,two perpendicular forces which made everything

Strong electricand weakmagnetic gravity forces.

Related image


Pressed Reshit's Higg's

Proton quark

Reshits [Higgs particle] is really God's particle made everything.

Pictures: Reshits [Higgs] bubbles are pushed outside one after other and made huge gravitons [graviton like proton quark spin1[+]composed by like neutrons quark spin[0].


תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪galaxies‬‏




Neutron quark


Only Nature explained the"mathematical"Higgs particle

Pressed Bereshits made 2 forces 2 quarks together!


LikeProton quark

Proton quark


Neutron quark

Higg's Reshits

Once Alexander Fridman ask at Albert Einstein

Why electric part have two behaviors but neutron one?

Einsteinnot find answer.



Hire every one see the answer.

This like simple magic quantum [circle vicious], made creations by Bereshits Higg's that are beyond our imagination

By Black Hole[on end of graviton] evaporate Reshits-Higgs particles asRAW Substance'sthat create everything mainly quantums.


engraved hourglass nebula,mycn18

The image's organization is similar to that of a cat's eye. A bright, almost pinpoint, white circle in the center depicts the central star. The central star is encapsulated by a purple and red irregularly edged, elliptically shaped area that suggests a three-dimensional shell. This is surrounded by a pair of superimposed circular regions of red with yellow and green edges, suggesting another three-dimensional shell.

תמונה קשורה

Black hole.


That needs a lot of imagination for understand quantum semi loops creation's but Nature made that "very" simple

Quantum formation by ttwo quarks.


.dark matter made graviton which expel by black hole path like DNA . that made two? semi loops quantum [see eagle nebula]

This like simple basic formation [quantum] is the most ingeniouscreations


Pict: Dark matter made condensed swirling cone graviton which by up

open's [called black hole] expelles dark matter as very condensed waves. Her on pict.

by like DNA formation made huge two semi loops quantm formation, Eagle Nebula

This like simple basic formation [quantum] the most ingeniousNature creation that made

everything include life


Qalaxy M 51 explained alone quantum formation

This "like simple" basic formation [quantum] is the most ingeniousNature creation.

M-51 explained quantum as 2 semi loops 2 quarkswith all forces.

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerginggalaxy[quantum


View Image NASA M-51 The magnetic gravity swirl, to the left, and the electromagnetic swirl, right  together connected by large strings-energetic path [space time curvatures] that create 720 two semi loops quantum- gravitational wave formation 



quantum formation composed by two semiloops


by strings energetic

 paths        They are not


Galaxies. 2001

Picture: Two semi loops [double bobbles, two quarks] create one quantum formation.


On basis this quantum formation and Nature observations I try explain Hydrogen atom [quantum] structure.Pict. Atoms quantum: I try explained simple. Basic energetic swirl (the foundation of the wave) resembles the black spots on the sun, [like Kerr swirl in galaxy and proton in atom] which are so energetic that swallow light. It's hard to believe the simplicity of quantum creation [two main perpendicular forcesquarks, by two semi perpendicular loops 720 double bubbles]. That create [+] and [0].   Plus [+] electric path disperse and also create gravity part of quantum. Minus [0], gravity swirl which by condensation of energetic matter, create quantum gravity semi loop and unified all forces. Plus and -0 are in constant competition and complement each other [they are not opposite forces only perpendicular]. And they exist always together in all phase transitions in superposition [Schrodinger's ingenious idea, cat paradox].  


These two pictures show closed gravitational quantum, atom structure.

Quantum: definition : continue energetic matter circulation in given space [circular vicious].


and 1280*800 JPL.NASA :?

Stars and Galaxies Wallpapers - Wallcoo.

Details of solar plasma ejection

Pict. Gravitational waves, atom structure, quantum formation.

Pict 1] Picture of nebula [maybe galaxy, atom, quantum, gravitational wave] like structures Ascending protons quark [strong electric force+1] composed by small bubbles and long bubbles which by swirling motion move up and? by this swirling twisted motion the bubble [like strings] path braided more and more and made on end of graviton black hole.

Black hole expel large bubbles which change spin to 0. the large bubbles shrink's by their motion to small bubbles to the beginning [basis] of creation where change spin again to proton quark

Pict 2] picture of atom structure. Ascending protons quark [strong electric force+1] composed by swirling bubbles and prolonged bubbles by swirling motion move up and by this swirling twisted motion the bubble [like strings] path braided more and more?the wavy bubbles and made open black hole.

Black hole expel [disperse] evaporateReshits-Higgs particleas wavy formations of neutron electron quark behavior which made quantumformation.

This bind rebind of strong braided wavy bubble strings motion keep atom as closed active formation of continue energetic \wave matter circulation, That made endless energetic matter circulation in closed formation.


Universe composed by endless different quanta

But these are the basic quanta models .

תמונה קשורה

Open quantum

Semi closed quantum

Closed quantum

Wave motion

Atom structure

Electron structur

Organic quantum ?border living quantum ?separate quantum

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪organic chemistry‬‏

תמונה קשורה



The nebula1280*800 JPL.NASA :?

Stars and Galaxies Wallpapers - Wallcoo.

Help to explained quantum formation.




Explanation of the picture:1

From energetic Kerr proton source - eject paths composed by different bubbles. These paths swirling at right move straight up and bends to right over backward move left and up , create open loop of retrograde motions swirl. This retrograde motion create white hole swirl wchich create electron's bubbles path with like swirl motion back to energetic source for continue swirling energy circulation, closed quantum formation


Picture: 2 The electro-energetic [positron spin] right part of quantum.

Explanation of circulation energetic matter double bubbles [in gravitational wave, quantum, atom's photon] by swirling continue motion circular vicious

From energetic source composed by Kerr swirl-Proton [like black hole] in

H. atom photon's one swirl [in large atoms ?more source].


Energetic source expell proton quark composed by different bubbles. These paths swirling at right move straight up and bends to right over backward move left and up, create open loop of retrograde motion. This retrograde motion create electron's perpendicular gravity spin.

 In quantum formation two perpendicular spins. Electric straight path pushing force [ and swirlingpendicular] of gravity wraping force],



Pict.3 Neutron part of quantum[atom]

The neutron [retrograde motion] is very sophisticated behavior. In different phase transitions and quanta the structure of neutrons is other but energetic behavior is similar. In galaxy neutron swirl called Schwarzschild white hole.

Neutron change spin  from electric- energetic to magnetic-gravity,



Neutron expelled from atom's black hole made electron's path and together made neutron quark,?

Neutron electron path ? neutron quark




Electron path by continue swirling motion [like space time curvatures- A. Einstein] create Kerr swirl which change the spin- direction and [-0] to [+1] create energetic path for new circular vicious [quantum atom offspring]

Neutron Electron path in atom made everything.

This magnetic part of quantum is the creative part of quantum which made all.


 United Nature Theory explains the natural quantum behavior as it really appears in nature and unites all these ingenious equations.

From Tejman's  equations of everything we see that the two main quarks ?forces [that really is one electromagnetic force, [Higg's Berishit's whichhave two behaviors, electro and magnetic force]  

And is the basis of sophisticated quantum creation and ingenious equations by ingenious scientists.


 Left semi loop-Quantum  1=1  constant-right semi loop


The Tejman's equation of everything explain that the balance of the

 two quarks semi loops [forces] of quantum formation must be always in

 Equilibrium 1=1 in all phase transition, [however the forces and the shapes are changed in the two semi loops].

. The quantum creation [vortex of regional condensed energetic space time] from beginning, by phase transitions return again to the space [circular vicious of the quantum behavior].


Phase Transitions[quantum-quarks explanation] .

High Phase Transition: Space time enlarged {energeticquark

 Semi loop .?

Energy from beginng startdispersed [diminished in a particular amount of space] so gravity almost  disappears {nearly 0} as that occurs in Hyper universe.[is describe beautiful by superstring theory]

In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic-gravity loop (matter) almost disappears {nearly 0}

. The gravity appears only by condensation of energetic space time by Einstein's space-time-curvatures that creates regional swirl of condensed gravitational strings wave [like hank] [A. Einstein]quantum [M. Planck} two semi loops[3x2 quarks] wave formation [Tejman].

2. The Duality Phase: { light-photon}

The phase transition of a photon [light] is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic loop [quark] equals [equilibrium] to the energetic loop [quark], which equals 1=1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest time lifespan.


      Left, gravity magnetic behavior-- Both, together, are wave-particle---  Right, electric behavior


3. Low Phase Transition-High Magnetic, gravity semi loop [time condensed].

In this phase, the magnetic semiloop [neutron quark] is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace [oscillation] at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave.

Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (semiloop) gain the ascendancy like neutrino and neutron stars. In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion


In high electric phase transition electric semi loopIn low phase gravity semi loop Accordingly, the more condensed the matter is in a particular amount of space, the greater the force of gravity; in other words, the more energy condensed in a given area, the stronger the force of gravitation by curled motion to inside of quantum formation.

Equation of gravity, by United Nature Theory


Gravity =

Condensed Energetic Matter

in a particular amount of space


Space, time and energy [forces] are waved together

. Relation of the tree sophisticated media in different phase transitions.

Three sophisticated active media:

 Space, time and energy [forces] are waved together.

   Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together..

These three media - time, space and energy create sophisticated wave-quantum creation with all forces. Quantum formation has beginning and end but by energetic paths [time quantum genes] create endless recrudescent quantum future quanta times.

In different phase transitions the proportion of these three media changed /

Enlarged extended space prolonged also the time.

The more enlarged extended space that cause to enlarge extended of time, by extension of space decreases the condensation of energetic matter [decreases the gravity].


  Shrinking space shrink time and arise gravity         vice versa         enlarged spce prolonged time and decreased gravity               

     Low  phase transition                                                                         high phase transition.

Low phase{transition}  = quantum constant ? high phase{transition} 

In every phase transition the equation [behavior] of forces is constant [examples of quanta constant] because they always are

OneReshits-Higgs particle.






Only nature explain the endless quanta creations and their behavior and we are only on beginnin to understanding this marvelous creation.

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Tejman Chaim Henry Jerusalem 15/1/2017 Book 13

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