Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything

Grand United Theory

by Higg's, Bereshit God's particle.


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr. Jerusalem.

Independed researches of Grand United [Unified] Theory

United [Unified] Nature Theory Wave Theory


I work about sixty yearsto Unified everything by one creation.

I try doing that by all Nature and scientific works especially astronomy pictures which show our cosmos from beginning [Nature laboratory].

Nature shows everything but is very sophisticated and ingenious mathematical equations are very hard to understanding.

When i solve quantum formation as two semi loops2001as appears in Nature

that open me the door to everything..

By this ingenious sophisticated creation.

and telescope pictures  of a group expellee stars  explained quantum formation as really appears in Nature.



1]gravity semi loop]2] electricsemi loop [3]closedquantum 

This "like simple" basic formation [quantum] is the most ingeniousNature creation.

M-51 explained quantum as 2 semi loops and 2 quarks.

Stefan's Quintet.7317-

Click for larger imagemerginggalaxy[quantum


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ASA M-51 The magnetic gravity swirl, to the left, and the electromagnetic swirl, right  together connected by large strings-energetic path [space time curvatures] that create 720 two semi loops quantum- gravitational wave formation 



quantum formation composed by two semiloops


by strings energetic

 paths        They are not


galaxies. 2001

More important picture as1280*800 JPL.NASAand solar prominencecan not be.


and 1280*800 JPL.NASA : 

Stars and Galaxies Wallpapers - Wallcoo.

Details of solar plasma ejection

Quantum: Regional energetic space time formation of continue active energetic matter circulation'.

Quantum, [of endless creations], which guard of continue energetic matter circulation [circular vicious] of its given regional, energetic, space, time  [formation] by phase transition and evolution disperse again to spase

This quantum formation,closed gravitational wave,explain everything:

all forces, mass, gravity and Universe behavior.

United Nature Theory, Grand Unified-Wave Theory

On basis M 51 and1280*800 JPL.NASAI describe quarks structure.

M49 2016

These 2 quarks [semi loop-bubbles] of quantum made 2 forces

1]quarks electricand 2]magnetic-gravity.

Pict.1] proton quark[string,double bubble,spin 1+].

Pict.2] neutron quark, perpendicular [string double bubble, spin --0] .

Pict.3] together quantum, atom,4]gravitationalwave.quantum


18  380x260 veil nebula nw ps NGC 6979; Cirrus Nebula, NW


Pict telescope: Double bubble connected by strings [small bubbles]

I thing that are quarks as Nature create..

Every Nature creation appears in different sizes [include quarks].


Peter Higgs and Francois Englert Nobel Prizes and "Robert Brout"

also Golstne, Hagen, Kibble and Guralnikdescribe the firstcreation mathematicallyand CERN Hadron Collider verifier their works.

but Higgs particle and Standard Model still remain in physics family.


May works are mainly like as Copernicus and Darwin together with all scientific disciplines show and try explain as appear in Nature for everyone.

Before years.I see alsofrom sky observations, telescope picturesand Google

Two independent creations that were not explained by scientists.




After many years works of quantum and quarks I was surprised how Nature so simple explained the most sophisticated ingenious creations.

The left proton quark and right neutron quark.That are beyond our imagination but that needs a lot of commonsense to connect them to physics and mathematics works

I come to conclusion that maybe [the left] is the first visible creation for us made by space fabrics [Einstein].

I call him "Reshit" by bible "beginning"

After CERN discover Higgs particles I begin though that maybe this Higgs particle is alike to Reshit's.

Reshit is very similar to description of Peter Higgs and Francois Englert.Robert Brout also by Golstne, Hagen, Kibble and Guralnik, and may be that is Higgs boson wave apper in Nature.

[I send them copy to became their opinion] /www.scenicreflections.


That is very active ["energetic"] [by strong braided twisted stringswirlingto all directions]independent creation [with central swirl]]and is very similar to Higgs boson particle [made by CERN']

Because is closed independent creation have mass and gravity

CERN pictures.

Higgs Boson


תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪higgs particle‬‏


3/jan-feb/1-found-the-god-particle courses/the ggs

Swirling paticle by path motion.



Quantum field theory -between-the-higgs-boson-and-dark


This creation "Reshit"[of beginning], Higgs boson ?].

This creation may be of all sizes [from smallest to the largest] by its peculiar behavior push [pull] everything to inside.

they pull other Reshit's [only by adhere.Not made molecule.that causes them to condensation by stinking that rises endless pressure and temperature and that made Dark Energy [Dark Matte] which push only to inside.Not shine because nothing can escape.The Reshit adhere to everything Reshits are dispersed incosmos [cosmos dust].That is the dust which is dangerous for cosmonauts]

Dark energy ["matter"], condensed dispersed Reshits

 Desktop Wallpaper · Gallery · Space 
 The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

תמונה קשורה

The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

ttps:// //

         The dark matter [dark energy] of collected Reshits [Higgs] absorb everything from vicinity include light; That create very high "energy" capacity by condensed Reshits [Higgs particless].

By continue swirling motionReshits made very condensed spaces which push outside Reshits condensed spaces as pressed bubbles segments one after other and create many cones extensions which made huge gravitons.

Cones of gravitons.

תמונה קשורה

ttps:// // side huge of pict.swirling graviton

Condensed Reshits, create dark matter [called also dark energy] and gravitons

[cones creation]Dark matter [dark energy create many gravitons [cones].

See full size image

galaxy wallpaper (5)

http://www.narrowbandimaging com/Tricolor_page.htm

The see of strong condensed Reshits push strong to inside madedark gravity.

White gravitymade Einstein'closed quantum formation.

Negative gravitymadeby pushingbehavior of proton's quark [glidings].

Dark matter [energy] create graviton.

By continue swirling condensation's motionReshits,made very condensed energetic spaces which push outside Reshits in form of pressure segments form cones creation.Reshit's segmente one after other.These segments made huge graviton [formationas proton quark].



Graviton is created by segments [of Reshit's [form made by compressed Reshit bubbles]

This hugegraviton Is one of the most ingenious creation of Nature,which made simultaneously two main forces as in one creation!!!.

In very dense spaces by pressure Reshits [Higgs] bubbles are pushed outside one after other and made huge gravitons [graviton like proton quark spin 1[+] composed by pressed Reshits bubbles like butterfly.Segments of perpendicular circular motion to the up graviton motion like neutrons quark spin [-0].

Reshit's[Higgs particle] bubbleis the most amazing creation.Reshit's [[Higgsas one creation] pushedby dark pressed matter [condescend one creation] made hugeone formation, graviton, that create behavior of two \creations, forces, quarks.

Reshit's[Higgs particles]] as one creation made 2 creation's,two perpendicular forces which made everything

Strong electricand weakmagnetic gravity force.

תמונה קשורה





Reshits [Higgs particle] is really God's particle made everything.

Picureas: Reshits [Higgs] bubbles are pushed outside one after other and made huge gravitons [graviton like proton quark spin1[+]composed by like neutrons quark spin[0].

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪galaxies‬‏






Only Nature can explaine the"mathematical" Higgs particle.


engraved hourglass nebula,mycn18

The image's organization is similar to that of a cat's eye. A bright, almost pinpoint, white circle in the center depicts the central star. The central star is encapsulated by a purple and red irregularly edged, elliptically shaped area that suggests a three-dimensional shell. This is surrounded by a pair of superimposed circular regions of red with yellow and green edges, suggesting another three-dimensional shell.

תמונה קשורה

Graviton expellee on end of its creation [called black hole]changedReshits [Higgs particle] as strong condensed like wave's strings [composed by bubbles path] that made different creations mainly DNA of two quarks which made endless formation which made mainly stabile creations.

Quanta are the most ingenious sophisticated creations that Nature made.

By the quantum formation begins Einstein's circle vicious.


Newton's Asolute Universe, Absolute Gravity

made by Reshit's Higgs particle made dark matter, dark energy

Newton's Asolute Universe circle vicious is circle of creation mainly quanta formations which made white energy.


Einsteins circle vicious circle vicious of quanta white energy.

Einsteins circle vicious: Return energetic matter back to space fabrics by release and disperse strong quanta formations,

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪group of expelled stars‬‏

<p>Photo: The Perseus black hole.</p>

<p>Photo: Eyeball-shaped Helix Nebula</p>




Black hole composed byswirling pressed segmsnts

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪group of expelled stars‬‏

Graviton from inside



 Condensation of reshit strings by their peculiar swirling activity creates cons

[by  slides of Reshits and expelled as dark matteer by huge gravitons.[proton quark].

Asteroids are gravitons which are relief [detached] from dark matter.

Einstein – small an large creation s have the same behavior,

Nature showe everythingat.

Reshit's  protons quark together with Neutron quark made quantum formation.

quarks and by black hole like DNA string bubbles.

Pict.2 forces [quarks] made DNA creation, quantumfformation.






Pict.ofexpelledswirling DNA quanta formationsby black hole made by dark matter

See full size image


See full size image

Pict.from SKY & telescope  august

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole


.edu/ hoto/2


Black body radiation and DNA model

Max Planck

http://creationwiki .org/File:Dna.gif

solar black spot-hole [black hole]  with         a lot of strings.

-That needs a lot of imagination for understand quantum semi loops creation's but Nature made that "very" simple

Quantum formation by two quarks.

.dark matter made graviton which expel by black hole path like DNA .that made two  semi loops quantum [eagle nebula]

This like simple basic formation [quantum] is the most ingeniouscreations


Pict: Dark matter made condensed swirling cone graviton which by up open's [called black hole] expelles dark matter as very condensed formations.Her on like DNA formation made huge stwo semi loops quantm formation, Eagle Nebula

This like simple basic formation [quantum] is the most ingeniousNature creation that made everything include life.


These two pictures show closed gravitational quantum, atom structure.


Quantum:of continue energetic matter creation, circulation[circular vicious] \


and 1280*800 JPL.NASA : 

Stars and Galaxies Wallpapers - Wallcoo.

Details of solar plasma ejection


Pict.Gravitational waves, atom structure, quantum formation.

Pict 1] left side: Picture of nebula [galaxy, atom, quantum, gravitational wave] like structures

Ascending protons quark [strong electric force+1] composed by small bubbles and long bubbles which by swirling motion move up and  by this swirling twisted motion the bubble [like strings] path braided more and more and made black hole.

Black hole made large bubbles which change spin to 0.the large bubbles shrink's by their motion to the beginning of creation where change spin again to troton quark

Pict 2] Right side: picture>atom structure.Ascending protons quark [strong electric force+1] composed by bubbles and prolonged bubbles by swirling motion move up and [by it's peculiar motion activate everything by contact- energetic activity].by this swirling twisted motion the bubble [like strings] path braided more and more  the wavy bubbles and made black hole.

Black hole expel [disperse] evaporateReshits-Higgs particleas wavy formations of neutron electron quark behavior which made quantum formation.

This bind rebind of strong braided wavy strings motion keep atom as closed active formation of continue energetic \wave matter circulation,

endless energetic matter circulation in closed formation.?


This Higgs Bereshit mirabilis particle "quantum" made everything by sophisticated substance circle vicious.

We known that atoms decay and galaxies disperse that means that energetic matter disperse… where?

We have address..again to still mystery space fabrics

and again space fabrics made the Newton's visible circle vicious

by God particle formation.

We are only on beginning to understanding this amazing ingenious sophisticated creation,


Copyright:  Dr.Tejman Chaim, Juli 2016

Theory of everything.


pictures from Yahoo   google