Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Increase of space by rapid release of strong braided twisted strings by protons and neutrons quarks.

Explanation by strings, quarks and wave theory [Tejman].

Expansion of energetic matter appears by wave strings.


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Tejman Dr.  Jerusalem.

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United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory


United Nature theory [Tejman] is a new open scientific path for understanding amazing, beautiful, ingenious, sophisticated NATURE behavior. Basis for this theory are all known theories but mainly Einstein’s, quantum mechanics, GUT and strings theories. We are only on beginning of this path, so the theory is open for everyone. I alone, all time, change and adapt new works and discovers. The NATURE is so beautiful and ingenious, so simply say, DIVINE creation that is still beyond our imagination.


Wikipedia: An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of  energy in an extreme manner,

usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases.

 . According to United Nature theory, Time, Space, and Energy, are the three media that are woven together, (quantum, wave formation). Wave theory shows how each has its own properties and behaviors, but one can not exist without the others, Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together more over, each  proposes explanation  for the others, ,

Quantum formation has beginning and end but by energetic [evolution] of space time [time quantum genes- circle vicious by phase transition-of space fabrics] create endless recrudescent quanta times, future quanta of continue times. These three sophisticated media create strings, quarks, gravitons. Quanta and everything,

And quanta that create everything.  

Every stabile creation is quantum strings, quarks formation.

That means, proton and neutron’s strings quarks are in active equilibrium.

Tejman’s equation of everything:


Equilibrium of all energetic forces-times in quantum by two quarks formation in all phase transitions.

Electric semi loop bubble strong force= proton quark.

Magnetic semi loop bubble weak force=neutron quark

Every stabile quantum composed by two quarks.     

The first visble creation by strings is proton quark which by peculiar swirling motion create

Second Neutron quark.

Which composed bv swirl and space

These like [simple] creations of two strings  “behavior” of “Quarks” 

Create quantum of strong force [energy], space and time UNIVERSE and everything include our life!                  



Look Here

 Proton [Kerr]

Here/ and here

/20-vortex.jpg&imgrefurl=http [Schwarzschild swirl].

These two quarks create gravitational wave

 Gravitational wave [Quantum] composed by protons 3 quarks strings colors and neutrons 3 quarks strings colors. That means composed by 2 swirls of 6 [six] strings path colors.



 These two [protons and neutrons quarks] create gravitational wave [quantum]. 

Every gravitational wave [quantum] is stabile creation that means that both strings quarks are in active proportional equilibrium according to phase transition.

Every gravitational wave [quantum] is strongs closed formation can be destroying by different manipulations mainly by adding of active [energetic] strings that by different ways disturb the wave energetic equilibrium.    

Severity of explosions force depend of amount and quantity of substance that release [solve] strong braided strings from protons quarks swirl instantly.

 The release [solve] strong braided twisted strings from protons quarks swirl move and disperse to space by 3 D open quanta that means like travels wave


Dispersion [open quanta] of water waves

Explosion: Instantly dispersion of strong braided twisted strings from protons quarks swirl which move [disperse] by proton- neutrons quarks by waves formation.   


Red –protons quarks [strong force] condensed strings of colors quarks to swirl.

 Blue: neutrons quarks [weak force] released strong braided twisted strings as 3 D to space


Proton energetic quark loss strings to neutron quark that enlarge wave lengh and disperse to space.

Long waves-more strings





Wave: open strings quanta. The length of wave, depends by amount of strings.

Left arm-protons stri.ngs quarks.

 Right arm-neutrons stringd qurks

Pict. of explosion.

A nuclear explosion at sea.


By 3 D wave motion.





Smoke column frSm the

The best explanation of NATURE behavior we became from NATURE alone.

 © Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry January 2015

Theory of everything.