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United nature theory
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White hole made by

Condensation of string [Space fabrics] which by swirling, vibration motion create white hole with singularity that create energetic [proton quarks graviton] swirling path which on end create black hole.  

Black hole dispersed strings [by emitted Hawking radiation] and creates strings neutron electron’s path which by peculiar motion made again white hole.

Thi ons.s circular vicious [regional limited] condensed strings continuum circulation create quantum formation that create all stabile formati

iTejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of United Nature-Wave theory


Strings white cloud creates white hole that create long wormhole [graviton] that create black hole [3 holes = proton quark] 

White hole swelled strings\Long singularity of wormhole-graviton segments\ Black hole\ Singularit

Closed wave-quantum formations, atom. 


Black hole



White hole

Qquanta-waves formations composed by 2 quarks of 6 colors. Proton quark [3parts]                    Neutron quark [3parts] /www.scenicreflections.c   





May be these sky pictures are proton and neutron quarks [see U.N.T].                                                   White hole: condensation swirl of strings [plasma? up in sky] create strong condensed swirling [electric path] ending’s by like black hole. 


Theoretical atom structure.

Theoretical idea of quantum and atom structure see.


Condensation of  strings quarks  create white hole that create singularity. 

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 Pict.  White hole up.

Choosed sentences from: November 14, 2015 | by Alfredo Carpineti article and wikipeia with my ideas on end

White holes [by Einstein] is considered the opposite of a black hole.

. As black holes don’t let anything escape from their surface, white holes are eruptions of matter and energy. White holes are a possible solution to the laws of general relativity. This law implies that if eternal black holes exist in the universe, then a white hole should also exist.

They are expected to have gravity, so they attract objects, but anything on a collision course with a white hole would never reach it. Theoretically, if you were to approach a white hole in a spacecraft, you would be inundated by a colossal amount of energy, which would most likely destroy your ship. Even if your spaceship could withstand gamma rays, light itself would start slowing you down like air resistance slowing down a moving vehicle on Earth.

U.N.T: Energy in a white hole come from dispersed strings and create condensed swirl with singularity that create swirling electric path with like black hole on end. For more explanation see


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Theory of everything.