Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything




Created by strings bubbles waves quarks that by evolution of quanta formations by phase transitions is infinite.


Newton's' Einstein's


That not exist chaos.

Everything created and ruled by bubbles strings waves.

Universe Strings bubbles waved structure is blueprint for everything [include living formations]



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Universe is waved by strings bubbles quanta waves.' That means Universe is quantum formation and every it's stabile creation is quantum formation.

Strings bubbles waves made quanta formations.

String: spin 1+ energetic [proton quark] male properties. Bubble: spin 1/2 ' magnetic gravity [neutron quark] female properties.



 Infinite absolute Static Cosmos not border

Composed by mystery absolute

Energy, Time, Space, Gravity,

Media' which made space fabrics, which create active wave strings bubble that are stil mystery for us by their amazing peculiar wave motion creates


string bubble quantum Universes

of active string bubble quanta by'

Energy, Time, Space

Strings wave bubbles quanta created by space fabrics

are 'the most ingenious sophisticated' Nature creation.

''Strings wave bubbles creates quanta bubbles Universes with

quanta strings bubbles galaxies that create

quanta strings bubbles stars that create

quanta strings bubbles planets' that create

quanta strings bubbles atoms that create

all stabile creations include live


Einstein' quantum bubbles Universe

'by active wave strings bubbles quanta has beginning and disperse to Newton's Universe where by space fabrics' creates new bubbles Universes and everything.

We Deal only with Einstein's Universe

Newton's is still mystery for Us.


The strings bubbles wave motion is the most'sophisticated behavior that creates

Electro magnetic active gravitational wave [quantum] that creates Einstein's Universe and everything.


Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of''United Nature-Wave Theory-Grand Unified Theory '


Newton's Cosmos appears by mystery media [paradox exist and not exist ' Schrodinger's cats]

which create space fabrics

That create Einstein's Universe

Maybe those are more steps.

Universe is quantum formation and quantum composed by two main's spin quarks.

1] electric +1 spin male behavior and

2] magnetic-gravity '1/2 spins, female behavior that condense energetic formation and storage.

Electric [creation] wave quark- not always visible so

Those like 'void' spaces are regions of creation.

Universe is quantum so are specific regions of behavior

Around the 'void' we see condensation of created formations.

Those 'void' spaces' are around us but

We have not tools to understanding that.

The cosmos composed by still mystery substance for us.

Paradox exist and not exist ' Schrodinger's cats]

So discussion of an empty space is very important.

Around 'emppty spaces' a lot of creations.

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The void spaces are not empty.

Image result for empty spaces in the universe

That black hole

That not exist 'nothing ' Schrodinger cat's.

Dark spaces.

Regions of creation

The dark matter [dark energy]- space fabrics and strings wave ''Activate Milky Way and create new formations.

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The core of Milky Way is dark [dark spaces]

'regions of creation.'v=ttz4Sr0tZFg

The core of Milky Way is dark [dark spaces]

'regions of creation.

The hay active disc galaxy activate by' dark matter [dark energy],


Vacuola in brain

Regions of creation.

Milky way by wave motion.

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Dark spaces. Regions of creation


That is dark matter

Condensation proton qurks slides [bereshits] see UN Theory

 Desktop Wallpaper ? Gallery ? Space 
 The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula 

The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula


Dark spaces. Regions of creation



First visible creation of

strings bubbles made

[I called to this formation] 'BERESHIT' 'beginning' primary- Bible

This peculiar creation

Proton quark slide made everything

I called to this creation' ''BERESHIT' beginning, Bible

That is the first 'BERESHIT slide of proton's quark..

That is photon's


The'BERESHIT [beginning] by peculiar wave [motion create everything.

Bereshit' proton slide made the electric [ascending] part of wave of all creations.

This' beautiful picture explained photon behavior and motion.










Gravitational wave-quantum.

By this peculiar motion 'BERESHIT [string bubble] made two semi loops of electromagnetic wave-quantum formations'

These electromagnetic wave-forces create everything.

By this sophisticated motion appears

'2 spins [+]male and [--] female

Stock image of 'Far away spiral galaxy'

Stock image of 'Incredibly beautiful spiral galaxy somewhere in deep space'

'BERESHIT's strings bubble activity

Pictues of' the primary visible strings creations


That is Amazing picture of century

By deduction, from observations I thing that are the primary strings creations.

Also by deduction the primary strings behave like positronium '''Croatian scientist Stjepan Mohorovičić predicted the existence of positronium in a 1934 article published in Astronomische Nachrichten, in which he called it the "electrum".[9] Other sources credit Carl Anderson as having predicted its existence in 1932 while at Caltech.[10] It was experimentally discovered by Martin Deutsch at MIT in 1951 and became known as positronium.[10]

And also behave like Higgs - Englert particle

this picture help [nearly] understanding strings peculiar behavior'

'Picture of solar prominence [Google]: of condensed sngs.   Condensed 3D strings plasma,of peculiar swirling strings activity.

                   'imgurl=http:// www. /www.scenicreflections.c 

Picture of solar prominence [Google]

Tpict. Solar prominence: Motion of condensed strings [plasma] by 'electric' spin +1  Strings by sophisticate activity forward peculiar swirling retrograde 'motion' creates everything. Unidirectional motion of strings to all directions creates erything                                              .

That is first space, visible creations of strings.

Solar [prominence plasma] Motion of condensed space by proton electric spin +1 of condensed strings [proton quark].

[Condensed stringswith their swirling motion]  

The behavior of waves quanta] appears  in the same form as strings behavior. That is basic strings behavior.

 By this motion create positronium and fluctuated like 8 wave-quantum.

Only NATURE explained the peculiar sophistic motion that creates electro-magnetic force of everything.

By peculiar swirling, appears 3D fluctuated unidirectional motion to all directions creates everything.

More evidence of primary strings creations.

That is also picture of the century: condensed strings plasma as swirling space.

This peculiar condensed strings motion is blue print for everything  Only nature explained this ingenious sophisticated string 'space' motion!

he Aurora Borealis Summit, Alaska. Credit: Jason rns            

BERESHIT's peculiar motion [wave motion] create everything.






By this swirling, rotated, revolving, vibrating, retrograde motion BERESHIT create everything.

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enter image description here opics/2Earth/2whats_inside.html



By this peculiar forward retrograde' amotion BERESHIT's made dark matter.



dark matter [energy].

made by dispersed

'BERESHIT's slides

of protons quarks


Dark matter [energy]

Made by condensation of dispersed BERESHIT's proton's quark slides.''

 Desktop Wallpaper ? Gallery ? Space 
 The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula 

The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

Condensed regions of dark matter create differnt creations

The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

Credit: NASA / JPL-viCaltech

Mainly huge gravitons which create quanta galaxies.

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Huge gravitons create quanta formations.

[by creation neutron's quark.]

Picr. Rt. creation of DNA by graviton and double bubble quantum formation [ by DNA].

String bubbles create Einstein's universe

That are different region of unversed

Universe made by waved strings bubbles quanta. That means Universe is quantum formation with different regions of behavior.

Bubble strings Universe.


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http://ngm.nationalgeographic.c om/2015/01/hidden-cosmos/clark-photography


These bubbles are not empty.

Active universe by constant active strings bubbles.

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Related image /2013/02/08/the-universe-is-



Galaxies created by quanta made by gravitons of bereshits slides.

bereshits slides


Stars made by strings bubbles

Movie of an eruptive prominence

bereshits slides



Every quantum creation has beggining and end by strings bubbles phase transitons evolution.

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and by evolution again continue new creations.

Bereshit's 'slides made atoms

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Bereshit's made water. ''.

Water made life.





Proton quark made neutron graviton.   ''                                    



And quatum [gravitational electromagnetic wave]

This like 'simple "wind' 'rewind'' strings bubbles wave motion is the most ingenious sophisticated NATURE behavior that create everything include life.

'Related image

Related image

Related image by

DNA strings bubbles wave motion

Strings and prolonged tube waves motion by open quanta.


The best explanation of NATURE behavior we became from NATURE alone.

Strings bubbles move by

Electro-magnetic wave

The strongest force.

One electric basic force 'bereshit' ssby its peculiar motion create

all 4 forces and everything.

We are only on beginning of the path to understanding the sophisticated UNIVERSE and NATUREeryt behavior


 ' Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Juni 2016

Theory of everything. ''