Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything

Time / Space Quantum Constant

Unified by the same strings, quarks, gravitons.

 Tejman Chaim Henry Dr. Jerusalem,

Independent researches of United Nature-Wave theory.


Einstein works on time were first considered as philosophical, but became extremely important with time.

The Wave theory is one of these important theories which unify time, space and energy under a single force.

This single force (Virtual force) is the key element in explaining universe creation and existence.

We are far from grasping the idea of this force and we owe this initial concept to Einstein.

In this paper I attempt to explain these concepts of the relations between time and space as clearly as possible.


Young galaxy (wave formation) consume large space a lot of strings, however time in each segment is equal,

Since the galaxy is a single quantum of the same strings, quarks gravitons.

The time in each quantum is Newton's absolute time also in wave formation.

Time also remains equal in a quantum as small as an atom, and in every domain within the atom.


However, both a young galaxy and an atom consist of much smaller parts rotating within their

quantum quicker than their "mother" quantum time.

And their time is relative to the absolute time of their mother quantum time.

This relative time frame is actually Einstein's relative time.

We can see that time of a quantum is absolute as Newton claimed, but relative to time in it's containing quantum.

The final view suggests that a large quantum with an absolute time contains many smaller quanta that have relative time.


This equation can be formulated as:

Suggesting that within the same quantum an increase in space will imply prolonged time

and an increase in the quantum rotation implies a decrease in the time (quicker motion).


Energy matter formation (space-time-energy strings) is a divine creation.

This matter is alive, and surviving off it's own energy – not relying on external assistance see strings theory-TEJMAN.

This formation extracts and contracts [by peculiar strings swirling, revolving, rotation, retrograde motion]

it's time cycle. The wave formation of this living matter without outside help periodically changes its formation volume.

We are familiar with many examples where energy matter[srings] concentrations appear in space, for example Nebula

Or other form such as string formation



or where a Black hole replaces the large concentration of energy matter.



The quantum condenses energy matter and releases it in black hole.Qquanta that create a huge galaxy that within

time returns condensed energy matter [strings]back to space[also by strings]

repeatedly obeying the second law of thermodynamics. This Life Cycle is known in latin

as Circulus Viciosuum.The same amount of energy [strings matter] changes its shape by phase

transition[loss of releasing strings]. The relations between time, energy and space change. Quantum created by strings.


As space becomes larger, time increases, the energy concentration in cubic centimeters (i.e. Gravity)

is smaller [dilution of strings]. The amount of energy [strings] in each space segment within the quantum would be smaller.


 hence constant


The increase in space [strings] suggests prolonged time.


Gravity according to wave theory: the more energy [strings] occupied in a given space the larger is Gravity.[more strings]

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