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Static electricity is made by

active strings, bubbles, quarks.


 Chaim, Henry, Tejman Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of

United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory


Space is  made by active strings, bubbles, quarks.

That are basic ruls of strings behavior and everything.

Condensation of strings creates white cloud. Swirling white cloud creates sinclinations that create white hole.

[white hole mentioned by A. Einstein in General Relativity]

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Radio/optical composite of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex showing the OMC-2/3 star-forming filament. GBT data is shown in orange. Uncommonly large dust grains there may kick-start planet formation. Credit: S. Schnee, et al.; B. Saxton, B. Kent (NRAO/AUI/NSF); We acknowledge the use of NASA's SkyView Facility located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


hurricane katrin

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 Pict.  White hole [up] by condensed strings, [strings quarks slides] from vicinity, create, singularity that continue by long worm hole [graviton-electricity ] until black hole which opens.[down].

 These [4 pictures] are strong electric forces of string proton’s quark+, composed by 3 connected holes.[ 3 protons colors quarks] neutron quark made electron.


. Only NATURE explains proton’s string quark structure and behavior. 




We are wrapped up with space strings bubbles quarks.

Motion of electric string path by its swirling wave behavior


Several million volts of electricity posing


Classics experiment with static electricity-strings quarks.

Released strings are  protons quarks charge+ that move by wave motion on rod an transferee to space that can accept them,

Producing static electricity by friction - RF Cafe

Image result for how to produce static electricity with hands


projects/project_ideas/Elec_p023.shtml rubbing the rod we release adhere strings and electrons that made photon-elrctron..

2. the excess of strings , electrons and photon- electron we transferee to formation that can accept them.

3. Strings are electric proton quark spin 1+ they

enlarge space and charge to  +.[plus]

4. Released strings dispersed to [strings] space.

Van de Graaf generator collects space activity strings[photons+] and  collect them together with electrons [as photon electron] tha made electric force.
Diagram of a Van De Graaf
Van de Graaff generator
Van de Graaf generator

Condecnsed static electricity

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By jrtadje on Flickr


Dispersed static electricity.

Other example, when we place two sweaters together, their shared energetic space [space time curvatures-string photons-static electicity] is larger than the sume of their individual spaces. The energetic matter [strings] circulate in common swirl. When separated, their energetic level (space) is diminished and excess energy[strings] is expelled as visible strings sparks-strong electric force. That means that static electricity is stored by bubbles quark [by common swirl and strings around like clouds]. Beautiful example by nature of circle vicious-energetic matter circulation.,


Releasing strings made

Electric spark


The ingenious Newton’s [gravity] and Coulomb’s laws [static gravity electricity] equations are similar

, gravity forces waves however created by different position pushing pulling of the same graviton.

 Because both are made by strings bubbles quarks .

Newton’s law  \mathbf{F}_{12} =
 - G {m_1 m_2 \over {\vert \mathbf{r}_{12} \vert}^2}
 \, \mathbf{\hat{r}}_{12}
 Coulomb's law \vec{F} = \frac{Q_1Q_2}{4\pi\varepsilon_0 r^2}\hat{r}.


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Theory of everything.