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United nature theory
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Quantum behavior definition.

by United Nature - Wave theory.


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

Emeritus of Jerusalem University

United nature theory – wave theory,




Quantum: Open or closed regional formation of strings,

 Quarks, gravitons to continuum circulation

Of energetic [matter] forces by two semi loops quarks.  

That is the most ingenious, sophisticated like

DIVINE NATURE creation. That are endless quanta creations

 [ M. Planck, A. Einstein, C. Chaim]  

All quanta have like behavior [A. Einstein] as from galaxies as

to quantum mechanics and living creations including our spirit. 

Theoretical idea of quantum and atom structure see.


Quantum and atom structure on basis NATURE observations and scientific works.

Gravitational wave [quantum] composed by protons 3 colors quarks strings and

neutrons 3 colors quarks strings. That means composed by 2 swirls of 6 [six] strings path colors.

These two [protons and neutrons quarks] create gravitational wave [quantum of strings path].

Every gravitational wave [quantum] is stabile creation that means that

both strings quarks are in active proportional equilibrium.


1] Closed gravitational wave [also atom structure]..

2] Closed quantum formation by two quarks strings i

These like [simple] creations of two  “Quarks” strings  “behavior” 

Create quantum, strong force [energy], space and time UNIVERSE and everything include our life!     


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Theory of everything.

               The theory of everything.