Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Photon Made of

By Wave partcle move by open quanum, composed by active strings, bubbles, quarks made by white energy.

Dark energy made energetic matter,.

white energy disperse energetic matter, by photons.

?Circle vicious of still mystery space fabrics. [A.Einstein]

 Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of United Nature-Wave theory  


ttps:// A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of all forms of electromagnetic radiation including light. It is the force carrier for electromagnetic force, even when static via virtual photons.

Released bubbles strings quarks move by photon?s open quanta.

Fire move by wave particle photons.


The motion of strings bubbles by open quanta formations

It?s like very simple photon motion is the very ingenious, sophisticated NATURE cretion.


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We see on this picture all kinds of string motion.

This peculiar sophisticated motion by vibrating swirling, rotation, wind rewind, revolving strings bubble photon made everything include our life.

Strings bubble quarks activate every creation by contact, by

peculiar sophisticated wave motion [like wheels Swiss watches].

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Astronomy Picture of the Day - NASA

http://www.simpsonstreetfreepress. org/space-science/asteroidvv

1 WR124: Stellar Fireball of primary strings bubbles.

2-3 strings bubbles as asteroid formation?????

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1On The Trail Of A Fireball by strings bubbles. 2strings bubbles like asteroids.

3 solar prominence: beutifull pict. strings bubbles. 3 strings bubbles made grapefruit.


Creation of strings bubble wavy [by NATURE space fabrics Einstein] is still mystery fo us.

????????? Space made and composed by [space fabrics] strings.?

Condensation of strings [in some spaces] creates white cloud. Swirling white cloud create inclination that create white hole.

[White hole mentioned by A. Einstein in General Relativity]

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Radio/optical composite of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex showing the OMC-2/3 star-forming filament. GBT data is shown in orange. Uncommonly large dust grains there may kick-start planet formation. Credit: S. Schnee, et al.; B. Saxton, B. Kent (NRAO/AUI/NSF); We acknowledge the use of NASA's SkyView Facility located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


hurricane katrin


www.   Thunder

 Pict.  White hole [up] by condensed strings, [strings quarks slides] from vicinity, made singularity that continue by long wormhole [graviton-electricity ] until black hole wich opens [down] and disperse strings for new circle vicious of strings[energy].?

These 3 connected holes made strong electric forces of string called proton?s quark+,?

Hurricane expel condensed strings path [electric stings fire] by black hole.

Dispersed sparks are the visible strings bubbles photons.




 ? Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Juni 2016

Theory of everything.