Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



Earthquake, caused by

Released condensed bubble strings [energy] from earth.


 Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of United Nature-Wave theory  


The glitter released strings-energy] ejected from earth.

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The glitter [released strings-energy] ejected from earth.

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The glitter [released strings-energy] ejected by earth .Related image

Amazing natural strings wave activity by simultaneously “wind”[condensation] and “rewind”[dispersion]

Released [dispersed] condensed strings enlarge suddenly the space that caused rock underground

 breaks along a fault and released condensed rewind strings by earthquakes, volcanos and geysers.

Strings also responsibly for gravity and temperature of earth.


 Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of United Nature-Wave theory  



That is primary [RESHIT—BIBLE] strings creation which by amazing activity create everything.  [see U.N.T.]


Earth core constant active by peculiar strings wave behavior.

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Strings, push simultaneously, to inside and outside!

Condensed to inside [that arise gravity]

And simultaneously disperse surface.

 Strings by their peculiar behavior made everything.

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String are released by “wind” “rewind” motion




By 3 D wave motion.


This like simple wind” “rewind”  strings wave motion is the most ingenious sophisticated NATURE behavior that create everything include life.

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Strings bubbles motion by NASA


The best explanation of NATURE behavior we became from NATURE alone.

Strings released move by

Electro-magnetic wave

The strongest force.

One electric basic force by its peculiaallr motion create

all 4 forces.

Earth belong to solar quantum system.

In begriming was hot gas disk

 By time disk by loosing strings bubbles shrinks to hot ball

And slowly became today’s properties

The earth continues shrinks by wind rewind bubbles strings behavior that cause volcano’s and earthquakes.  

We are only on beginning of the path to understanding the sophisticated NATURE behavior


 © Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Juni 2016

Theory of everything.