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United nature theory
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Breathing of living creations: By constant input of free “energyfor continue activity of every organism, include every molecule by supply fresh “energy” of swirling strings, quarks and gravitons from vicinity, for sustain organism to continue life activity.

Strings by swirling protons quark motion activated every organism formation by swirling motion, vibration and  by spin’s adhere by gravitons energetic path.

Everything: Organic and non organic quanta creation respirate by shrinks and expands and vice versa includes life


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of

Grand United [Unified] Theory of 

Grand United [Unified] Nature Theory

 Wave Theory


1 ATP in “black” hole with a lot strings.                                      2 solar “black hole” with a lot of strings.  3 Glitter: Huge “proton string quark”.

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Radio/optical composite of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex showing the OMC-2/3 star-forming filament. GBT data is shown in orange. Uncommonly large dust grains there may kick-start planet formation. Credit: S. Schnee, et al.; B. Saxton, B. Kent (NRAO/AUI/NSF); We acknowledge the use of NASA's SkyView Facility located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.




Proton’s  strings quark behavior spin [+]1  by swirling motion and by vibration transferee their activity [energy-motion] to everything that came tin contact.


Current ideas of breathing by

Breathing is the process that moves air in and out of the lungs, or oxygen through other respiratory organs such as gills. For organisms with lungs, breathing is also called ventilation, which includes bothinhalation and exhalation. Breathing is one part of physiological respiration required to sustain life.[1]Aerobic organisms of birds, mammals, and reptiles—require oxygen to release energy via cellular respiration, in the form of the metabolism of energy-rich molecules such as glucose. Breathing is only one of the processes that deliver oxygen to where it is needed in the body and remove carbon dioxide. Another important process involves the movement of blood by the circulatory system.[2] Gas exchangeoccurs in the pulmonary alveoli by passive diffusion of gases between the alveolar gas and the blood inlung capillaries. Once these dissolved gases are in the blood, the heart powers their flow around the body (via the circulatory system). The medical term for normal relaxed breathing is eupnea.In addition to removing carbon dioxide, breathing results in loss of water from the body. Exhaled air has a relative humidity of 100% because of water diffusing across the moist surface of breathing passages and alveoli. When a person exhales into very cold outdoor air, the m  oisture-laden atmosphere from the lungs becomes chilled to the point where the water condenses into a fog, making the exhale visible by anyone.

Breathing by Grand United Nature-Wave Theory

Average time for breath-holding 2 minutes is a reasonable time.  World-record  +/-20 min. 

Without water  can last only spend  if you spend the whole time resting in the shade, though you could last as long as 7 +/- days if the temperature stays below 21 C (70F).

Without food however, you can survive for longer depending on the conditions mentioned above, an average of two weeks.

That means : that [vicinity] space is the main source of energy.               [ oxygen ? ] 

It’s known old oxygen stuffy [lacking of fresh air or ventilation]. We can put the “old” glass balloon oxygen to sun and again the same oxygen but now fresh. It’s known that life in oceans appears mainly in upper parts of water which became solar radiation.   Only “fresh” oxygen is good for breathing. It’s  known that in home aquarium we must constantly supplay fresh air.

That means, oxygen transferee energy by sun radiation [energy-photons] to living organism. Photons that means waves. Wave composed by string, quarks.

Energy travels by waves [quanta] by both strings quarks


Sun radiation  alone not helps to breathing. High energetic oxygen must come to contact with water molecule and create

Water hyper-energetic bonds H- 0-strings .proton strings quark, gravitons H now have became large electron energetic space circle with a lot of strings

Water by active large electron 0--H path with a lot of strings is the most active living creation. 


Water, showing tetrahedrally positioned lone pair electrons

Water molecule transmit energetic matter by  [electron expanding and shrinking circulation] to living creations by different ways.

Water molecule from Scientifics works.

Hydrogen bonding between water molecules

Right "Chemistry and Life", 4th Edition, John W. Hill, Dorothy M. Feigl, and Stuart J. Baum, 1993 millan Publishing Company, NewY

IMAGE SOURCE: "Chemistry and Life", 4th Edition, John W. Hill, Dorothy M. Feigl, and Stuart J. Baum,

IMAGE SOURCE: "Chemistry in Context"

 Wm C Brown Publishers, Dubuque Iowa ,

2nd edition, A project of the American Chemical Society, ed: A. Truman Schwartz et al., 1997,

Chapter 5 "The Wonder of Water


The polarity also allows water interact with  an electric field And to interact with other polar moleculeswhich is ho substances become dissolved in water.

Other works

AnCl in crystal structure and in water

Different organism develop  different ways to became “energy” from vicinity.

 Most known is… 

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleoside triphosphate used in cells as a coenzyme often called the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer.[1]

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleoside triphosphate used in cells as a coenzyme often called the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer.[1]   

Skeletal formula of ATP

Ball-and-stick model, based on x-ray diffraction data

              Space-filling model with hydrogen atoms omitted

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthase in mitochondria.


Cell nucleus.png

DNA molecule unwinding DNA molecule unwinding from a chromosome inside the nucleus of a cell. Source: National Human Genome Research Institute. 

 from a chromosome inside the nucleus of a cell. Source: National Human Genome Research Institute.


: [maximum strings protons quarks condensation] create DNA open quantum-wave

The greatest secret of ATP activity is its black dots [small black hole] with a lot of strings.

Related image

Related image

I show it again magnified.

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These pictures are basic for understanding life creation.

1Every condensation of strings gravitons [black dot] creates DNA that crete proteins Ribosome: [maximum strings protons quarks condensation] create DNA open quantum-wave

 2 Condensation of strings protons quarks [solar black spots] ejected open gravitons path which by swirling motion and by change of spin create closed open gravity wave with all 4 forces

Pictures of strings behavior.

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.

Solar prominence

solar prominence

Solar prominence

Solar prominence

. High energetic active virtual strings have spin +1 [ion+] electric]

See full size image


See full size image

Pict. from SKY & telescope  august

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole


.edu/ hoto/2


Black body radiation and DNA model

Max Planck

http://creationwiki .org/File:Dna.gif

solar black spot-hole [black hole]  with         a lot of strings.

Black [strings condensation] “hole” expelled peculiar swirling path-string create DNA quantum and everything.

This kind of open quanta create life genome.

Every condensation of strings  gravitons create DNA   


Related image

Related image



Pict. That is first space, visible creations of strings.

        This picture help [nearly] understanding strings peculiar behavior .

All creation composed by endless smallest virtual vibrating swirling strings that by adhere create endless creations.

Even in strings plasma they remain adhere and compressed to minimum space.

Picture of solar prominence [Google]: of condensed strings. Condensed 3D strings plasma, of peculiar swirling strings activity

Picture of solar prominence [Google

pict. Solar prominence: Motion of condensed strings plasma] by “electric” spin +1 Strings vibration by sophisticate active

forward peculiar swirling retrograde “motion” creates everything. Unidirectional motion of strings to all directions creates everything                                              .


Solar [prominence plasma] Motiosn of condensed space by electric spin +1 of [composed condensed strings ?].

[Condensed strings by their swirling motion www. /www.scenicreflections.c 

Strings quarks are blue print for everything

From  my works of quarks I think that is picture of  proton strings quark

              The primary known creation from space fabrics [Einstein] are strings.  

Only nature explained this ingenious sophisticated strings condensation plasma behavior  of solar prominence.

    Pict. of the motion of very condensed strings plasma composed by unidirectional [adhere] individual strings.

  This motion is like as individual string

 Forward unidirectional of swirling retrograde behavior. 

Proton’s Quark Composed by ”3 colors”.

Condensed strings from vicinity [space] which by peculiar swirling motion create swirl which by   condense more the stings and create very condensed strings that create dark energy and gravitons.

Condensed strings by their swirling motion create swirl Proton Quark. Condensation of strings by their peculiar swirling activity creates cons and huge gravitons.

Everything composed by small and large

string quark and they have the same behavior [A. Einstein].


.        Large string [Thunder] High energetic proton


Radio/optical composite of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex showing the OMC-2/3 star-forming filament. GBT data is shown in orange. Uncommonly large dust grains there may kick-start planet formation. Credit: S. Schnee, et al.; B. Saxton, B. Kent (NRAO/AUI/NSF); We acknowledge the use of NASA's SkyView Facility located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

adio (orange) and optical composite of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex showing the OMC-2/3 star-forming filament. C redit: S. Schnee, et al. / B. Saxton, B. Kent (NRAO/AUI/NSF)

Proton high active strings quark by its spin +1 activate everything that came in contact with him

This swirling, vibration motion is the most sophisticated NATURE behavior that creates everything. 

1                                                           2                                                             3

Condensation of strings create proton swirling quark which create swirling graviton [spark] which disperse as visible energetic strings waves.

That is the [like] process that made ATP condensed and divides.

   Everything organic and non organic creation respire by Increase of space by rapid release of strong braided twisted strings by protons and neutrons quarks and vice versa.


Circulation of energetic matter in atom {Tejman} and

Johannes Kepler’s works explain the behavior of energetic matter in quantum formation organic and not organic.

 Example H atom {quantum} respire “Metabolism {Tejman}: 

Shrink –expand…….. Shrink –expand……… Shrink –expand…

 Atom quantum

Two semi-loops


The atom breath


..expand- shrink


from energ. loop

to magnetic loop

and vice-versa

Atoms metabolism!


Like ellipse


That is the same law for all







Every quantum is in constant interaction with vicinity.

Slides of protons strings quarks that create huge gravitons

1                                                 2         


Proton’s  strings quark behavior spiin [+]1  by swirling motion they transferee their virtual activity to formation with spin [-]1/2..                                                           But this ingenious protons string quark may adhere to everything by slides connection by vibration by swirling motion ect.


Strings quarks path motion by slides of protons quarks.

[that create gravitons].   NASA Schwarzschild swirl

Pict.↓  I think that is the most important picture of the century! Motion of slides strings protons quarks create small and huge gravitons.This, peculiar, unidirectional vibrating, swirling, retrograde revolving by slides of strings quarks and by strings energy is the most ingenious sophisticated NATURE and LIFE creation

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Colourbox Browse Science Astronomy Galaxy Image: #4233849 Big galaxy and plasma in the starry space, stock photoThat need a lot of imagination to see how the small virtual strings creation create huge graviton [see my acticle black hole].   Small virtual protons strings quarks create like mini gravitons and by ATP and other enzymes are the main life creations.

 U.N.T. is only beginning of new path to understanding NATURE behavior,  so I suppose many of my ideas will be corrected by new discoveries.

Far away galaxy

Sea of new creted gravitons. 

Creation  of huge graviton by slides of condensation swirling protons string quarks

M87 Jet


Huge gravitons composed by segments of protons stringquarks which on end create most important black hole which create quantum DNA formation. 

Protons quarks and gravitons have male properties [strong force]


Graviton is created by segments [slides] of protons quarks

Graviton as proton’s quark is electic + strong male force 

NASA / STFC / ISAS / JAXA / A. Hood (St. Andrews), V. Archontis (St. Andrews)

Black hole create creates both quarks that create quantum. /www.scenicreflections.c   




Condensation [small black hole] of protons strings quark by swirling peculiar motion create open quanta of continue motion and by change spin of protons quark create neutron quark and both quarks create gravitational open wave quanta                                                 proteins molecule created by

  Elongate DNA open quanta of strings quarks chains

File:Spombe Pop2p protein structure rainbow.png

These huge creations behave like primary virtual strings,

Related image

Related image

Galaxies: like protons quark behavior.



Celestial creations like string formations.

This figure shows the time evolution and final eruption of the sigmoid. Credit: NASA / STFC / ISAS / JAXA / A. Hood (St. Andrews), V. Archontis (St. Andrews) 


Solar prominence clearly show their strings structure.    




Common source which arise different-strings relativeclosed gravity-wave formations [A. Einstein’s twins]

In this gravitation wave quantum are a lot smaller relative gravity quanta

Every gravitation wave has it’s specify frequency

Strings motion

 visual explanation


Double helix



Every quantum “born” with its specific bulk of very condensed strings and by phase transitions decay. Main phase Born-Young Adult Old-dying  

sophisticated creation.. Life.


Different organisms adapt themselves to environment for became maximum energy [strings] for life. So they develop specific formations [organelle] to obtain maximum energy from vicinity by breathing and to maximum utilization the energy [strings].

 Fish ? or like creations filtrate water-strings by wings network.

eah-seacreatures.tumblr.com800 × 600 

That are different organelle to filtrate water and absorb energetic matter




  The filtration is possible only by water energetic H:O bonds [upper] leyes which  became strings from sunlight or In deep sea beneath  from hydrothermal vents  In deep sea beneath hydrothermal vents tha are source for chemosynthesis


Related image

That are different organelle to filtrate water and absorb energetic strings


The wings of this creation have netwok for water [strings] filtration,


The most primitive formation adopted different organelle for respiration that means for constant supply fresh energy [strings]  .

Leather Sea Star

The leather sea star does not have spines like other sea stars, but six-eight rows of papulae, small feathery sacks used for respiration on each of its five arms. Sea stars are unique because unlike most other animals they do not have blood but instead use sea water to pump around their bodies. Water energy.


Hydrothermal vents complex communities are one of the few ecosystems on the planet that do not rely upon sunlight for the supply of energy.

, , Chemosynthesis produce biomass from single carbon molecules,

hydrogen molecules (H2) hydrogen gas or are oxidized by

hydrogen sulfide or ammonia. This may occur with or without the presence of oxygen only by high energetic H2 by large electron space with a lot of high energetic strings from Hydrothermal vents 

Giant tube worms (Riftia pachyptila) have an organ containing chemosynthetic bacteria instead

Venenivibrio stagnispumantis gains energy by oxidizing hydrogen gas.

.Living mushroom champignon formations explain simple, by picture, the behavior of the two main forces, electro-magnetic gravity, that are in perpendicular constant motion between these formations [forces] We clearly see energetic electric strings paths forces which  connected two perpendicular curling gravity formation.   


View Image

View Image


Mushroom champignon, explain beautiful the nature behavior and explain strings [energetic path] Theories and United Nature Theory[Wave] theory, This structure allows to accept more strings    


Coral in day breath and respire at night only respire.

-      function. It occurs in the cells, more precisely in the mitochondria (the powerplant

-      Coral polyps generally take up molecular oxygen that is dissolved in seawater directly by diffusion through their tissues. That O2 can move from the surrounding environment into the epidermal layers of the polyp or from the internal gastrovascular cavity into the gastrodermal (internal) tissues. Water-pumping cells within the gastrovascular cavity help the diffusion process here. There are no pores as such; instead, they have a single multi-functional opening.

-      BREATHING is the mechanical action of getting air in and out of the lungs.

-       RESPIRATION is the chemical reaction of cell.



High deep sea creatures




Saving coral reefs depends more on protecting fish than safeguarding locations

Reefs containing more than 600 kilograms per hectare of fish biomass should be conservation priorities

A new study by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) has found that coral reef diversity ‘hotspots’ in the southwestern Indian Ocean rely more on the biomass of fish than where they are located, a conclusion that has major implications for management decisions to protect coral reef ecosystems.
Using data gathered over a 12-year period from nearly 270 coral reefs across the southwestern Indian Ocean, the WCS study found that the highest conservation priorities in the region should be reef systems where fish biomass exceeds 600 kilograms per hectare. This finding conflicts with a common conservation and management policy that emphasizes the geographical location and physical factors that are often associated with reef diversity.
The study - authored by Dr. Tim McClanahan of WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) - appears in the latest edition of the Journal of Biogeography.

“While geography has often been the main factor that conservation policy has used to establish protected areas, this study shows that protecting fish biomass should be the priority and this can be done with improved fisheries management,” said McClanahan, a Senior Conservationist for WCS. “A hotspot is not a permanent feature and can be lost if the fish and the habitat are not protected.”
Read more here.

Provided by the Wildlife Conservation Society (via EurekAlert)
Image credit: Tim McClanahan / WCS


The NATURE create different formation to energy [strings]





by endless different organelle. 


Apple iPad Mini Wallpaper HD New (32) | Freetopwallpaper.

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We ate still far to understanding,

the NATURE behavior.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪discovery deep water creatures‬‏

 Pict.3 fish gills structure [ventral view of water strings filtration.


The whole physiology of corals in based upon diffusion - everything that they need dissolved or suspended in waterand  photons-strings.

Related image

    Jellyfish have no lungs or no gills or any special breathing organs. The walls of the body and tentacles are so thin that the oxygen molecules {water stringsare able to pass directly from the water into the internal organs and the carbon dioxide molecules pass out of the body in the same way. Jellyfish breathes with its entire body.


Gills in fish are specialized structures, in which the blood comes into contact with the high energetic water H2O strings 


Fish or like creations filtrate water”Filtrate “energy”  

[motion by strings]


Related image

Gill Rakers


Alaska Bird Makes Longest Nonstop Flight Ever Measured

The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey in nine days from Australia or New Zealand  to Alaska 

Bar-tailed Godwit.jpg

Bar-tailed Godwit Feeding (Calidris!) Tags: sydney australia nsw bartailedgodwit baueri limosalapponica henandchickenbay

Bar-tailed Gowit (baueri subspecies), Flamingo, Everglades National Park, Florida. 3/28/10. by Doug Gochfeld. (ebirdeditors) Tags: shorebird godwit bartailedgodwit baueri

Breeding plumage

Bar-tailed Godwit Preening (Calidris!) Tags: sydney australia nsw bartailedgodwit baueri limosalapponica henandchickenbay

Bar-tailed Godwit Fluffed Up And Feeding (Calidris!) Tags: sydney australia nsw bartailedgodwit baueri limosalapponica henandchickenbay

The bar-tailed godwit energy for so long fly, maybe explained only by rational utilization of sun strings quarks.

The bar-tailed godwit wings have a large area [expanse] for sun photons [strings quark] utilization for long flying

Image result for birds feather

Related image

Related image

1The bar-tailed godwite feathers,

The wings composed by very delicate network which like fish filtrate photons [strings quarks-energy].


Green plant respires all the time, day and night.
A green plant photosynthesizes only in the presence of sunlight breathe [metabolism].

In day accept energy [strings. quarks] at  night [sleep]- expel the not used energy [metabolism].

How Plants Breathe [wikipedia] Plants do breathe - they give out carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen from the air that surrounds them. Their tissues respire just as animal tissues do. Plants, however, do not have lungs or a blood stream, so we cannot say that they breathe in the same way as animals. In the light the green parts of plants carry out photosynthesis as well as respiration. 

Photosynthesis does the opposite of respiration. Carbon dioxide is absorbed and oxygen is produced. In order to study respiration in green plants we must block out the light, because although green plants respire all the time they only photosynthesize in the light.

All parts of the plant respire, the leaves, the stem, the roots and even the flowers. The parts above the soil get their oxygen directly from the air through pores. The pores in the leaves are called stomata (singular: stoma). The pores in the branches of trees are called lenticels.

Related image

Stoma [like vacuole] with a lot of fresh 0 with a lot of strings quarks

Related image

Related image

Related image

Related image

by  ATP activate leaves life.

Related image

  Main human energy came from breathing. We see that in every effort when we needs instantly more energy. I suppose that strings for cells organelle creations or replacement came  from vicinity


Related image

ATP synthases; and five F1, eight FOsubunits, and seven associated proteins have been identified.[13] Most of these…….

n  ficiones1855072.html 

Only NATURE can create so ingenious energy [strings] maximum exploitation. Large lunge alveoli accept large amount of air [oxygen] which with blood plasma  [H water H2O]  create high energetic bound wth a lot of strings.

Water, showing tetrahedrally positioned lone pair electrons

Vassels of blood stream circulation begin be more and more narrow cause to more strings quarks condensation for be very strong like transformator,.

High active proton strings quark by its swirling, vibration and spin + 1 constantly activate ATP which transferee strings quark to every place  activate everything; 

Water by active large electron path with a lot of strings is the most active living creation.

High active proton strings quark by its swirling, vibration and spin + 1 constantly activate ATP which transferee strings quark to every place that activate everything

ATP in by cell water come in contact with proteins molecules which have spin --1/2 magnetic

Strings, proton strings quark, gravitons by their swirling and vibrating motion [energy] activate molecules.

Energy [motion] appears by strings wave motion.

Inorganic molecules are connected by their own energy.

Organic molecule are in constant active connection by continue energy supplement.

  Interruption of energy cause to disruption connection of energetic molecule path and if that is not reaper quickly the molecule loss their original path,

New supply energy not allways create the same energetic path that destroy cell function. 

. Strngs quarks are like engine motor of life that activate everything which came in contact by stings  gravitons path motion

Proton quark breath. Shrink and expand by Increase of space.

Known electricity made by protons strings quark, so all laws of electricity are good for protons strings quark. 


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Gill Rakers



 Strings quarks by expanding and shrinking activity [energy- motion] transfer it and actvate all creations.


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Theory of everything.

Theory of everything.