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Black hole created

by Strings of white and wormhole singularity [proton graviton quark] Black hole expel this maximum condensed singularity by strings path that create matter and neutron quark which create quantum formation.  



Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of United Nature-Wave theory 


Strings white cloud creates white hole that create long wormhole [graviton] that create black hole  


White hole swelled strings\Long singularity of wormhole-graviton segments\ Black hole\ Singularity.


Strings-space fabrics [Einstein] by concentration create “White cloud” and  “White hole” creates singularity by Wormhole-graviton which condensed strings to maximum that are ejected by Black hole.


Asteroid is the most primitive protons quarks with central swirl like graviton with all three holes  

Astetoid: detached graviton [proton quarkfrom condensed, dark energy, region. 

White hole swelled strings\Long singularity of wormhole-graviton segments\ Black hole\ Singularity.

1 ATP with “black” hole and a lot of strings create living creations.

2 solar “black hole” with a lot of strings.

3 Glitter: Huge “proton string quark [3 holes]

White hole                      Wormhole                 Black hole




http://www.extremetech. com/tag/white-holes

Proton quark

To  this formation I called Proton’s Quark. Composed by ”3 colors”. Condensed strings from vicinity [space] which by peculiar swirling motion create swirl which condense more the strings and create very condensed strings that create dark energy and gravitons.

Proton’s Quark Condensed strings by their swirling motion create graviton.


Proton Quark. Condensation of strings by their peculiar swirling activity creates cons and huge gravitons.


Condensed strings, protons quark create dark matter [called also dark energy] and gravitons that create [conus creations] string sondestion

Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / CfA 

Dark energy [“matter”], condensed by strings and protons quarks, create graviton and by continue swirling motion creates huge gravitons with black hole  


The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

The dark matter [dark energy] of collected strings and protons quarks, absorb everything from vicinity include light; that create very high “energy” capacity by condensed strings and gravitons]. Because they have only proton’s quark they can’t emit energy”, [dark gravity by absorption pull-inside].  [Energy” emission, appears only, by waves, created

together with neutrons quark [gravitational wave quantum formation]. 

Continue swirling motion of strings, protons quark and  gravitons create huge gravitons.

Huge gravitons-wormhole condensed stings [strong dark energy  -dark matter”],  from vicinity and create the most  important creation of NATURE –Black hole and neutron quark which create quantum-gravitational closed wave [ circle vicious] of energy circulation

Huge gravitons by black hole create neutron quark

of female properties [weak force] together with protons quark [male strong force] properties create quantum formation [electromagnetic force]. Electromagnetic force [gravitational wave-quantum]  


Graviton is created by segments [slides] of protons strings quarks.


                    Graviton proton’s quark is electic + strong male force

Huge gravitons create black hole which create neutron quark-weak force 0.

Dark matter [energy] creates gravitons.

The creation of black hole by proton strings quark [graviton 3 holes]  is the most sophisticated creation

That are endles possibilities of gravitons creation.


Slides of protons strings quarks create huge gravitons.

1                                                 2         


:” Sea” of gravitons

Creation  of huge graviton by slides of condensation swirling protons string quarks

Colourbox Browse Science Astronomy Galaxy Image: #4233849 Big galaxy and plasma in the starry space, stock photo

U.N.T. is only beginning of new path to understanding NATURE behavior, so I suppose many of my ideas will be corrected by new discoveries orother interpretations because NATURE behavior have endless faces.

Proton’s strings quark behavior


Asteroid is the most primitive protons quarks with central swirl with 3 holes like graviton with open “black hole

Astetoid: detached graviton from condensed, dark energy, region.  


Asteroid: protons quarks with central swirl with 3 holes like graviton with open “black hole


The best explanation of black hole we became alone from NATURE because its creations are beyond our imagination,  I repeat some NASA pictures they are the first NATURE creation and are the blue print for everything..


White hole swelled strings\Long singularity of wormhole-graviton segments\ Black hole\ Singularity.

Pict.1-2 white holes. Pict. 3-4-5 small black  holes.   NASA Schwarzschild swirl 

Condensation [small black hole] of protons strings quark by swirling peculiar motion create open quanta of continue motion that by change spin of protons quark create neutron quark and both quarks create gravitational open wave quanta

Condensation of strings protons quarks [solar black spots] ejected open gravitons path which by swirling motion and by change of spin create closed gravittationsl wave with all 3 holes and 4 forces

Solar prominence

solar prominence

Solar prominence

Solar prominence

Black hole by proton strings quark by swirling peculiar motion create DNA strings quark motion that by change spin of protons quark create neutron quark and both quarks create gravitational wave quantum 

Pict. from SKY & telescope  august

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole


.edu/ hoto/2


Black body radiation and DNA model

Max Planck

http://creationwiki .org/File:Dna.gif

solar black spot-hole [black hole]  with a lot of strings.

Black [strings condensation] “hole” expelled peculiar swirling path-string create DNA The peculiar H—O bonds contain a lot of strings [“energy”] 

Rat high energetic vacuola


these vacuole are source of strings [ by ATP black hole strings energy]. 


Every condensation of strings  gravitons, protons quarks create mini black hole that create DNA

Ribosome: [maximum strings protons quarks condensation] create DNA open quantum-wave and closed quanta  by two quarks


See J. Bekenstein and S. Hawking works . Proton strings swirling quark expel from black hole swirling strings quarks and create neutron quark. 


Condensation of strings proton quarks [strings cloud] creates white hole swelled stringscreates singularity of wormhole-graviton segments\ creates Black hole\ Singularity expel maximum condensed strings 

-magazines/precast- solutions/2013-fall/ 

-magazines/precast- solutions/2013-fall/





Hurricane expel condensed strings path [fire]

Up:  Strings concentrations.  Prolonged wormhole [singularity] graviton [strong +male force.

Black hole[down] eject condensed strings proton quarks mixed with vicinity matter.



Nerve cell.



That needs some imagination for understanding NATURE behavior.


 Black hole ejected condensed strings accepted from vicinity by white hole [semi loop- balloon] condensed [singularity] by long wormhole.

Pulsar J1023 is a member of an
In a classical nova, a white dwarf siphons material off a companion

 Black hole ejected condensed strings accepted from vicinity by white


Wormhole in middle

        ? hole                      black hole            white cloud and  white hole

The Eye of God Nebula | Image brought to you


Wormhole in middle create large space circle and both holes by sides.



Pict. from SKY & telescope ooking Down the Throat of a Black Hole Jet. 


Wormhole in middle, [ large space circle].

 Protons quarks, slides, create graviton wormhole singularity, that create black hole.                          

Wormhole in middle create galaxy open quantum.

Milky Way [ galaxies ] create stars

Phedres Nebula


Wormhole in middle with 2 holes by sides .

Wormhole in middle create our galaxy


Space” strings wave bubbles quanta [double bobbles, wave quanta creations, oval’s like eggs] vibrate by their frequencies disperse and collect. They collect because their

electric-positron semi loop-bubble prevails, which have affinity to attraction and repelling, while magnetic bubble [semi loop only repeals] but is weaker than electric. 

pStarburst galaxy M82 X-ray emission from the Milky Way's disk is not due to a Galactic wind but instead to discrete sources such as stars.[ NATURE]  A combined Hubble/Spitzer/Chandra image That are different ways of quanta creation.

White hole and Black hole with Wormhole in middle create our Universe


Not borders for strings creations.


 The Fermi gamma-ray space  F ermi sees giant bubbles in the Milky

Milky Way [ galaxies ] create stars

The Universe, is also two semi loops, quantum of the observed soft X-ray


Universe: quantum [two perpendicular semi loops]

of electro- magnetic forces.



 Galaxies path are white hole, condensed strings, quarks from vicinity and create singularity, wormhole, graviton path and black hole.  

Galaxy path Wormholes segments

Strings are beginning of al creations by protons quark.

Large protons quark [like] all 3 holes.

In September, had spotted something very odd about BD+20 307. The binary system appeared to have a dusty disk surrounding it, indicative of a young, planet-forming system a fraction of the age of the Solar System. However, it was well known that the binary was actually several billion years old. It turns out that this disk was created by a rare planetary event; a cataclysmic  it was announced


That not needs a lot of imagination to see the similarity.

between all NATURE creations.

Cell divisions [by strong force] create life.



When the giant radio galaxy Messier 87 (M 87) unleashed a torrent of gamma radiation and radio flux, an international collaboration of 390 scientists happened to be watching. They're reporting the discovery in this week's issue of Science Express

.  White hole, Wormhole and Black hole expel to both sides but with different behavior

Roots “white cloud and white hole” carrot “wormhole and on end


black hole” “living” strings



Roots “white cloud and white hole” carrot “wormhole and on end green 


black hole”


Pict. 3 Cross section of carrot composed by layers of strings quarks circles [ like as in all average wormholes].


The Nature creations give the best explanation of 3 holes behavior.




Small and large creations have like behavior [A. Einstein]


3 holes White Worm and  Black holes




Explanation of wormhole behavior  by spam [similar strings creation]




The huge and small [[gravitons wormhole]] have similar behaviors [A. Einstein].





I cut the spam and try learning the strings quarks behavior

Cut parts of spam after 3-4 days grows to both sids but are others, that is more complicate than I though.. Please try alone,.







The medial path grows up



and try form closed formation.


the medial path grows also down   Maybe the day energy-strings flow  to roots and by


night up ?



2222222222 001

The down side grows down by individual rounds walls. I thing that most walls energy-strings is from vicinity.

In some Spams I was surprised the medial path






grows also down   Maybe the day energy-strings flow  to roots and by night up ?








Wormhole behavior

2222222222 001


Ejected strings, proton quarks, creates quanta formations [atom-life].



Life creation by White hole, Wormhole, and Black hole.


Metaphase stage:  like celestial creations.








Atoms by proton and neutron strings quarks creates everything including live.

 Cell proton divisions [by strong force proton quark ] create life.That is hard to believe that huge and small creations [[gravitons]] have


We are only on beginning of the path to understanding the NATURE behavior.   


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