Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



String Theory solved by part 3

United Nature Theory [Tejman].

see String theory explained by part 1           

see String theory, Double bubble string quantum, explained bypart 2


These strings formations [space fabrics] are basis of all creations.

Endless, quanta, are creatied on this basis quarks strings.      


Quantum of independent living creation are composed by 2 [two] quarks strings composed by 2 swirls strings path and 6 [six] colors.


Quantum dependent by stabile source anergy are

creation, composed by one swirl, strings path, and triple [quark] formation.


Explanation of quark by string theory is only beginning of this issue. We are only on beginning of the understanding amazing, beautiful, ingenious, super sophisticated NATURE behavior.


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Tejman Dr.  Jerusalem.

December 2014

United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory