Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
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String theory, Double bubble string quantum, explained bypart 2

 United Nature Theory [Tejman].

String-space created by [space fabrics [Einstein] that by phase transitions the string-space return to [“space fabrics” [Einstein]   

For understanding NATURE behavior needs a lot of imagination because NATURE creations are very ingenious and sophisticated.      

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Tejman Chaim, Henry, Tejman Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of

United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory


This strings creation [space fabrics] is basic of all creations.

Endless, quanta creations, are on this basis      


These peculiar “simple” creations creates everything.

Endless formations

butterfly-nebula-photograph.jpg (1000×1194)

Peculiar Galaxies of Arp 273 

and endless shapes are created by these  peculiar strings        

Eta carina                                                Pulsar Switches

Eta Carinae, one of the most massive stars known. Image credit: NASA

Space-energy swing [holy triple.]

That is the classic string of double bubble, quantum creation.

The Antennae Galaxies in Collision 

 See Here

Explanation [picture] of energy [strings] space circulation.

The most primary structure of string double bubble quantum

Closed quantum [of swirling string double bubbles] is the first closed creation [quantum] formation [positronium]. Circulation of string forces in given spaceS.

That is the most primary creation, fluctuated swirling positronium


Condensed areas of dark matter composed by 3 D spaces [bubbles] connected by strings

Strings bubbles


The most primary structure of string double bubble quantum


Radio/optical composite of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex showing the OMC-2/3 star-forming filament. GBT data is shown in orange. Uncommonly large dust grains there may kick-start planet formation. Credit: S. Schnee, et al.; B. Saxton, B. Kent (NRAO/AUI/NSF); We acknowledge the use of NASA's SkyView Facility located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


adio (orange) and optical composite of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex showing the OMC-2/3 star-forming filament. Credit: S. Schnee, et al. / B. Saxton, B. Kent (NRAO/AUI/NSF)



These open quanta formations of energy [strings] circulation from top to roots by strings and vice versa

Creates living creations which  are fixed to source.

Independents living creations are created

by quantum formation by two opposite triples


One of  the important form of life creation by triple quantum,

Continue electric path create different

quantum {Schwarzschild’s} swirls



The same behavior


Every  swirl {knot} gravity quantum formation {Schwarzschild swirl-white hole}


Strong force {red lines strings} transferee energy to weak force {blue swirl-knot-energy storage space}

and together establish sophisticated quantum creation {open and unclosed quantum formation.}

These sophisticated energetic matter creates everything by its peculiar motion force-space {quantum}.


Energy {of quantum} disperse {similar to universe dispersion} second law of thermodynamics {Tejman}. Small and large have the same behavior{Einstein}

Energetic strings




Of open quanta formations.

www.indospectrum .com/photo/cd036 _03jul04_crat...

Tree knots gravitation-

www.woodmagic. tomy/anat09.htm

-semi-loops /americanwood worker/

Open quanta formations.


Space---Strings ----space.


It's unbelievably that this ordinary leaf explains the behavior of energetic matter


More beautifully explanation than the behavior of energetic matter of those two leafs can’t be.. The behavior of energetic matter is simple but the quantum formation with it’s 11 dimensions creates endless behavior..

In day the leaf space{green} condense solar energy {red arrow strings-space} and transmits to tree and at night {blue arrow strtings-space},in the same way, expel  and disperse the surplus of tree energy

That is the reason why during the day in the forest it is cold and at night warm..

The behavior known as ‘sleep’ is natural process {circles vicious} of perpetual circulation

{balancing} energetic matter {metabolism} in quantum formation.

Sophisticated energetic matter: endless active substance.


Only living substance can create living formations.

From nature observations we clearly see two main behavior of energetic matter [space], condensed

 {brown path} and dispersed {green space}, use the same paths of space energy.


Organizational graphic of a lung

At day accept- store energy

At night expel-


Tree- live energy


Live circulation of

energetic matter.


We are only on beginning path of NATURE understanding.

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Theory of everything.