Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



Life and continue Evolution created by Strings,


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of

United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory  


The first visble creation by strings is proton quark which by

peculiar swirling motion create gravitons Gravitons create black hole.

Proton quark create second Neutron quark.


And  together create wave [quantum formation]

Thise like [simple] creation by two

 strings Quarks-Quantum 

Quantum cretes space, time and DNA create UNIVERSE and everything include our life !



That is Amazing picture of century

of solar prominence.

Condensation of strings-“plasma”.


Solar prominence: Motion of condensed space [plasma] by “electric” spin +1. Condensed space: [plasma] move forward by peculiar strings swirling

retrograde motion. This ingenious sophisticate motion creates two quarks create everything… everything… everything  The behavior of waves quanta]

appears in the same form as strings behavior. That is basic strngsS behavior.

 By this motion create positrnium fluctuated like 8 wave-quantum.

  Strings are created by space fabrics from the smallest [near 0] to very large.

The first visible creation by strings is proton quark. Proton strings quark

by peculiar motion create only swirling pushing’s strings [“force”].

That act as pushing force to inside strings condensation formation. 

Strinks by swirling continue peculiar condensation motion create gravitons,

 together create dark matter and different sizes gravitons with black holes  



Condensation of strings create open graviton.formation graviton.

Graviton: Open formations by protons quark, not stabile formation but concentrate to collect to huge formations


Protons quarks, and small gravitons from vicinity [dark matter] create these Huge gravitons which create black hole.

The Nature “alone” show and explain its ingenious “ordinary” behavior

This beautiful picture explain dark matter behavior,

 Desktop Wallpaper · Gallery · Space 
 The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula 

Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

The collection of gravitons [by protons qurk condensed strings [“strong force swirl”] The condensed protons quarks

 by strings [“strong force”] collect strings from vicinity and  create huge gravitons with black hole that create quanta formation.

The collected gravitons absorb everything from vicinity include light;

They have very high “energy” capacity by condensed gravitons strings.

 Because they have only proton’s quark they can’t emit “energy” .

 Energy” emission, transfers only by neutrons quark wave [quarks] formation, “Energy” pushing swirling force carry by wave.

Black hole created by condensation strings quarks. 


king+gun+nebula safe=active&hl=en- 

Black hole blows off condensed strings by wave quanta formations



 Neutron’s quarks is created by

strings proton quark and  together  create wave [quantum] formation that 






Proton [strings] quark

Kerr swirl ,strong force condense

the strings


Neutron [strings] quark double bubble

Schwarzschild swirl disperse the strings by blow from swirl[black hole


The creation of black hole DNA is very simple but this creation is very very sophisticated.

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asterisk.apod.comSearch by image

the coloring of planetary nebulae


I tray explained, the NATURE creations, by pictures, from sky laboratory. +gun+nebula&safe=active&hl=en-

time.com101 /daveshifflet/cosmos/ 



Solar spots black holes.

Ejected strings, proton quarks, creates quanta formations [atom-life].

Photo of a dark depressed area surrounded by bright orange granules

File:NOAA 875.ogv


Strings condensation [like black hole].source for life

Cell nucleus.png


Ribosome: [maximum strings condensation] create DNA quantum-wave creation,

vacuole are the tank, of strings, in organic creations,

The vacuole or like water organelle with large electron path accept a lot of strings  H-O-H—

see water living creation

The peculiar H—O bonds contain a lot of strings [“energy”]

Rat brain high energetic vacuola

 These two quarks and strngs creates everything include life.




The creations of stings quark are beyond our fantasy.

These pictures alone explained life creation from beginning.


Motion of energetic matter in galaxies and living creations by two quarks formation:

Motion of energetic matter in DNA two quarks formation (red: energetic paths; blue: magnetic paths) 


“Energy”- motion by strings quarks wave [DNA] create everything.

Phase transitions of organic and non organic quanta formations. Quanta

formations by two quarks react simultaneously with all its 11 dimensions


Stage Metaphase















Anaphase stage:



Morula stage:

File:Historic 1882 mitosis drawing.jpg









Blastula stage:




Cells division=phase transitions!

Photos taken from space: Some celestial pictures are like ovum divisions and all quantum formation has the same initial beginning and behavior.

Nebula, between organic cells have the like picture and that needs explanation.

Introduction Metaphase stage and other:

I would like to mention that all life creation is quantum formation resembling primary formation;  this is described in the

following pictures


Metaphase stage:

Picture 1: Ring Nebula M 27. Picture 2: M 27. Picture 3: Monoceratos. Picture 4: Nebula NGC. 7742. Picture 13:  Butterfly Nebula P. 112/3

Anaphase stage:

Picture 7: Supernova 1572. Picture 8: Cats eye.

Morula stage:

Picture 1: Trifid Nebula NAC 6814. Picture 2: Hen Nebula 1357.

Blastula stage:

Picture 1: N.1512. Picture 2: The Hoag Ring Galaxy.

Metaphase stage:

I would like to mention that all life creation is quantum formation resembling primary formation; this is described in the

following pictures


Evolution of all  creations and Life creations is on the basis of this quantum formation (wave particle duality) two quarks strings wave formation.


Evolution of organic and not organic formation fom beginning outcomes

by phase transitions. evolution of species outcome by Lamarck’s idea and natural selection of Darwin.



The Universe is the most ingenious sophisticated creation of the masterpiece that is still beyond our imagination.



The United Nature Theory is only beginning path of the ingenious sophisticated masterpiece life creation.


© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. January 2015

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