Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Energy dark and white created by strings quarks created by still mystery space fabrics behavior energy.

 by peculiar strings behavior

which are created by space fabrics [Einstein] that created by quarks.  Strings by their peculiar behavior are collected to very condensed to large strinks path, ropes that by swirling motion create very condensed swirl which eject very condensed shrinks path [strong force, electric force]. To this triple creation we called proton’s quark [strong swirling pushing force-energy].

This primary high condensed proton quark appears as gravitons [Einstein] that create dark energy. Dark energy-“dark matter”. This “dark matter” is very high gravitons condensation that cause local condensed energy. Huge gravitons create black hole and space time curvatures [Einstein] which also create. Black hole by maximum strings condensation create –neutron’s quark that create  together with electric path quanta formations. Quanta formations create  everything.  Quantum by traveling waves disperse condensed strings,  Dispersed condensed strings by space wave motion create  pushing force and every known kind of energy.That is thewhite energy.  White energy activity by wave motion create everything.

 Briefly “Energy” appears by strings creation of proton’s quark [strong swirling pushing force-“energy”].

Space and time appears by neutrons quark quantum formation.

These the strings proton quark create everything by quantum formation that by phase transition decay together.

for new creations.

All forms of created energy transfer or transmit by standing or traveling waves:

Dispersion of formation[energy-strings , appears by traveling waves [strings].

The endless NATURE exist

by circle vicious that means creation and dispersion

so Time, Space and Energy

all time appears and disperse and again….

By space fabrics by strings quanta creation.

We are still far to understanding the DIVINE NATURE secrets,


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of

United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory  


The first visble creation by strings is proton quarkwhich by peculiar swirling motion create

Second Neutron quark.


Which composed bv swirl and space

These like [simple] creations of two

 “behavior” of “Quarks” strings 

Create quantum of strong force [energy], space and time UNIVERSE and everything include our life ! /www.scenicreflections.c   




Proton [strings] quark

Kerr swirl ,strong force condense

the strings


Neutron [strings] quark doubl bubble Schwarzschild swirl disperse the strings by blow from swirl[black hole     



That is Amazing picture of century

condensation of strings “plasma”.


Solar prominence: Motion of condensed space [plasma] by “electric” spin +1. Condensed space: [plasma] move forward by peculiar strings swirling retrograde motion. This ingenious sophisticate motion creates two quarks create everything… everything… everything  The behavior of waves quanta] appears in the same form as strings behavior. That is basic strngsS behavior. By this motion create positrnium fluctuated like 8 wave-quantum.

     Strings are created by space fabrics from the smallest [near 0] to very large.

Maybe Zero-point energy 1913, by A. Einstein, Otto Stern, using

 formula. Max Planck are these strinks activity.

Maybe Zero-point fluctuated energy are by peculiar string activity create proton quark which by continue this peculiar motion create neutron quark [positronium] with opposite neutron direction cause to string fluctuate, from one quark to the other and vice versa, changing the shape, length even to pinpoint. By this motion create positronium fluctuated like 8 wave-quantum see

Condensation of strings creates open cons [open quanta].



Condensation of strings create open quantum formation

Graviton: Open quanta formations by protons quark not stabile formation but concentrate to huge formations


that create black hole and quanta formations.

By swirling motion condensed these Huge gravitons strings and small gravitons from vicinity dark mattet and create and expel quanta galaxies [quanta-matter-mass]


The Nature “alone” show and explain its ingenious “ordinary” behavior 

This beautiful picture explain dark matter behavior,

 Desktop Wallpaper · Gallery · Space 
 The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula 

The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

The collection of gravitons [by proton condensed strings strong force swirl] 

The condensed protons quarks by strings [strong force] collect strings from vicinitycreate huge graviton with black hole that create quanta formation.

The collected gravitons absorb everything from vicinity include light, They have very high “energy” capacity by condensed gravitons strings. Because they have only proton’s quark they can’t emit “energy” . Energy” emission, transfers only by different wave neutron quark formation. That appear only by neutrons quark fomaton

 Neutron’s quarks

Behave like black hole blows of condensed strings that are collect or disperse by electrons path behavior



Proton [strong force carries strong condensed strings. High active crations  and neutrons quarks create closed and not closed wave quanta 

Travels quanta travel by both quarks


Both quarks unified to continue wave [open qunta] stream

High energeic quarks unified but not closed, [open quanta] propagate as wave


Waves moves by swirling motion.


The swirling waves motion appears by proton high energetic, pushing swirling protons quark.

Swirling wave motion is not exactly spiral motion. but is quantum motion that means , swirling forward and retrograde motion by both quarks.

The strings wave moves by evolution strong – weak force- strong force– weak force….


Strings [“energy”] wave motio by two quarks.

Longer waves more strings

The length of wave depend of amount of strings that enlarge 

wave space

The llargest waves


Large waves have higher temperature.more strings.



Large long waves

Create different formations.


Explanation of red shift.

These quarks are living creation and by time loss “energy”

That means proton energetic quark loss strings to neutron quark that enlarge wave lengh.


Large wave wih a lot of strings are very energetic.

The red : Proton [Kerr] swirl  and up neutron [Schwarzschild swirl]. 


Proton [Kerr] red                 neutron [Schwarzschild swirl up] blue.

That needs a lot imagination because in wave these swirls

change their shapes

  The stream  quarks composed by different  “energetic strings”

waves.That means different waves . Different amounts of strings,



Everything created by.


these mystery strings,


These strings by peculiar behavior create electric quark [strong force] which ceate neutron quark [weak force] that create open or closed wave quantum formation, /www.scenicreflections.c Proton [Kerr]   


/20-vortex.jpg&imgrefurl=http neutron [Schwarzschild swirl].



These two kinds of quarks create closed or open quanta formations.

Pict. These closed wave quanta are created by peculiar ingenious strings motion.





The still mystery string by its peculiar behavior create proton quark which by peculiar behavior create netron quark create closed or open quantum and electromagnetic wave. Space, energy, time appears with quantum creation and decay together with quantum. That means tha strings are also created. Every thing that was created decay. We are only on beginning of Nature understanding ontinue by next work.

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 © Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  December  2014

Theory of everything.

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