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Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



Quantum of everything created by positron-boson


Still mystery for us fluctuate space fabrics [A. Einstein] which expel high energetic creation “positron+[boson]” Dirac particle. 

 Positron’s bosons particles [may be like Higg’s particle??]. Bosons are “High condensed active of some given space wave” fabrics particles [A. Einstein] of different seizes, which by peculiar active fluctuate, swirling, rotation, revolving, motion create second particle-neutron electron. That means,  high energetic living, closed creation like wave-prequantum formation-matter. “positronium”. Positronium [exotic atom"] like hydrogen atom structure Ch. Tejman ]  is high energetic- active- wave-prequantum mass[-0] not stabile creation.

Positron in atom is the vital part of atom’s quantum [seeTejman’s lithium atom], came to contact with other energetic formations [like electricity [plus+], expel and adapt space fabrics from vicinity [quantum breath] and can create new quantum [Offspring]. Positron by peculiar spin motion creates closed formation by neutron; electron, proton and back to positron create quantum [matter] formation. see [Tejman’s  H. atom]. Quantum [matter] is created by positron [of active wave space fabrics]. The created wave-quantum from offspring transmitted different phase transitions and by slowly loss of positron’s [space fabrics] double strings bubbles dismantling to space [fabbircs].  The positron [wave space particle] created by space fabrics after creation of quantum, began disperse again to space where by mystery for us phase transitions [space fabrics phase transitions] begin create new virtual creations include positrons which by circular vicious create new quanta-matter creations. 

That is the most ingenious sophisticated creation  quantum “circular vicious” of NATURE. 

Positron is the core of quantum formation-Divine particle.


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr. Jerusalem,

Independent researches of United Nature-Wave theory.


We have enough beautiful works and evidences to start theoretically creation [matter, mass and everything by quantum [M. Plank, Ch. Tejman].

Charles Darwin managed to put together the puzzle presented before him by the living world. Wave theory is an attempt to do the same, where the puzzle is presented by the universe. For this reason, I am constantly updating the articles especially the ones regarding the quantum (wave formation-quantum-atom). The majority of these updates stems from new findings, and is due to my constant effort to reach a true perception of nature. However, with that said, we are still far from finding out all NATURE’S secrets.   

The basis of wave-U.N.T. quantum theory is a complex form of activity media [condensed, local -regional virtual space fabrics] which exist in wave regional quantum formation.. This formation can take on an infinite number of creations. Our familiarity with these forms is constantly growing with the discovery of new empirical data. 

Wave- U N.Theory states at all scales: from the tiniest scales [quantum mechanics to those of galaxies and living formations [A. Einsten].

. Wave- U. N Theory utilizes a lot of space laboratory of space pictures and other scientific data.

Basic creations of NATURE

illustration of gamma-ray bubbles extent

1.Strings [Feynman diagrams] 2 double bubble  NASA, 3Tejman’s quantum



1                                                                                  2                                                                       3

M theory [T] shaped formation.  2 New created nebula .like H atom- [Tejman] 3  [T shaped]- fluctuated double bobble quantum with large high energetic positron [positronium quantum].

In Tejman’s U.N.T. positron expell energetic path and every next atom of first shell is created by positron [boson] of previous atoms. Atom is [quantum-gravitational wave-matter mass.  Atoms in other shells are created by energetic path  from main energetic atom’s source.

Every next atom [quantum-gravitational wave] in first shell created by positron particle [boson] .

Boron-B atom structure - Grand Unified Theory     © Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry , August 2007

 We are only on beginning of amazing path to understanding the most sophisticated creation that is still beyond our imagination

Quantum formation [see Tejman’s definition] is independet closed formation of regional active “space fabrics” [Einstein] circulation.                             


See full size image

See full size image


Galaxy-M 51


Open continues


by positron


1] Very important new discoverys:


he Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, also designated AMS-02, had observed over 400,000 positrons, with the positron to electron ...

2] Discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) from space, discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, , is also a form of cosmic noise. CMBR pervades the space almost homogeneously over the entire celestial sphere. The bandwidth of the CMBR is wide, though the peak is in the microwave range.[U N T  idea: The bandwidth of the CMBR is wide, though the peak is in the microwave range. Maybe those wide, microwaves peaks create different particles, particles, fractions, sub particles ect. The space fabrics [Einstein] is like infinite sea of different creation and Higg’s boson [like positron particle] is one of them.

 That means that the virtual active space fabrics [Einstein]  appears as wide range of virtual waves-quanta. Virtual waves are [ U.N.T . quanta formations.

[ Every wave is quantum formation= grvittionl wave A. Einstein]= also quantum wave formation [Tejman].  Positron is high energetic boson as a particle of energetic semi loop of quantum bubble. Positron is high energetic boson that in atom create next atom [quantum-mass]. See atom structure Tejman 2007                                                                                                         Maybe that the Higgs particle is some fracture of know positrons?

Computer simulation of particle traces from an LHC collision in which a Higgs Boson is produced. (c) CERN. Image credit: Lucas Taylor                                                               

Computer simulation of Higgs event

Image credit: Lucas Taylor

israel21c.orgfound the Higgs

see United Nature-Wave Theory [Tejman’s 2001]

Book 1 isbn: 965-90627-0-2 United nature theory- Hebrew national and university library doc num. 0095747 Library of congress- tx 5-572-750                                                                                                                                                                                           


U.N.T.: Every wave-quantum as independent formation composed by two semiloops [semi bubbles, two hemispheres, two poles, two spins  two charges with endless space forces [Tejman]. All that is created by peculiar ‘activity of positrons and space fabrics. Einstein


Bubbles quanta. .  Every double bubble [space, wave] created by two poles swirls quantum.

Feynman’s  like idea “the sum over paths method” exactly fit’s U.N,T.  


Dye flow visualization



Additional imported discovery was this space pictures, which exactly fit’s Feynman’s and Tejman’s quantum composed as string of two semi loops String creation.

Veil nebula wallpaper

IC443 Jellyfish Nebual

More beautiful explanation of double bubbles can’t be!                    That is positronium quantum double bubble connected by strings y.

18  380x260 veil nebula nw ps NGC 6979; Cirrus Nebula, NW

Most complicated mathematical and most beautiful ingenious works not imagined so beautiful MASTERPIECE and simple basic quantum creation as string bubble [double bobble]  formation.   

illustration of gamma-ray bubbles extent

From end to end, the newly discovered gamma-ray bubbles extend 50,000 light-years, or roughly half of the Milky Way's diameter, as shown in this illustration. Hints of the bubbles' edges were first observed in X-rays (blue) by ROSAT, a Germany-led mission operating in the 1990s. The gamma rays mapped by Fermi (magenta) extend much farther from the galaxy's plane. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
› Larger image
› Unlabeled image










This double bubbles quantum has endless forms



1] M-String theory. Image the creation like T letter. But this not closed formation take not account of “active circulation of fluctuate space” for continue circulation in limited formation. Only Feynman and Tejman ideas did that.                                                                                                                         2]see: Closed formation for continue “space” circulation [quantum] see Celestial filaments [picture of Nebula quantum that, maybe, create new galaxy]. All quanta have like behavior [Einstein, and U.N.T Tejman].

 3] Theoretically T quantum: like positronium, sophisticated creation of given living active space fabrics, by continue circulation in limited space [circular vicious] create MASTERPIECE formation of everything. T quantum appears by two swirls [double bubbles]. The created primary quantum [like positronium] must be with very large positron [active space fabrics] and second very small gravity electric space swirl] .[red: large positron in Primordial quantum see atom stricture and]

All quanta have like basic structure and behavior[Einstein, and U.N.T      

Universe sea of endless creation of space fabrics[Einstein]                                                                                                            ;_ ylt=A0geuqxTjH5SkRwA4A9XNyoA;



Dark matter sea of strings and bubbles.

of hot islands, of plasma the most wildest behavior [dark matter  swallow photons] composed by strings double boubbles. 

See full size image

Hourglass Nebula Wallpaper by Grogee (click to view)


http://scenery- /hourglass_nebula_wallpaper_by_grogee

1 Sea of “plasma”. Behave like ocean of bubbles waves. Plasma is created by wildest motion of condensed positronium strings double bubbles. The positron connections create different wildest chain formations, different condensations and pressures.

2. Recontree of two high condensed bulks of plasma [up and down] create cone [graviton- to right on picture] for quanta creations


a portion of the Veil Nebula imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope



Strngs and bubbles. Dark matter created by steps of layers


 Like all “boson” created independed particle of given condensed swirling living fluctuated high active space fabrics [Einstein]  have very short time existence.  For continue and be independed must create local independent closed formation to continue circulation of this regional fluctuated active space fabrics[Einstein]                                                                                         The most amazing, ingenious  creation that NATURE creates is wave - bubbles [double bubble] formation. This like “simple” formation is the most sophisticated [double bobble]  creation. 

 Explanation of circulation of active condensed space in bubble [double bubble] in closed given space [by UNT. Tejman]           

see pictures from space of circulation space fabrics [energy] in bubble formation Pict. From Neutron stars by Steve Nadis [astronomy March 1999] p.52.

Gravity path from North Pole [-] to South Pole and electric paths [+] from South Pole to North direction.

Pict. From Neutron stars by Steve Nadis [astronomy march 1999] p.52.

 Explanation of these pictures by U.N.T. to understanding circulation of space fabrics [energy motion by positron-positroniums that are still mystery for us] in closed space bubble [quantum] circulation.

illustration of gamma-ray bubbles extent


2 alge


4                               5

 Aurora [earth prominence-like solar prominence] is gravity semi loops of quantum [the wildest behavior of energetic matter needs a lot of  common sense to understanding]

2 Eenergetic source [in earth] expel energetic path which by swirling motion create second swirl [like white hole-Schwarzschild swirl [visible her].

3 Schwarzschild swirl by retrograde motion create gravity paths

4 Gravity path by peculiar motion move to ‘”earth” to energetic source plasma.  

proton [Kerr swirl] which create again electric path to continue motion of energetic matter in closed gravity semi loop bubble

5. Bubble composed by double bubble is [closed quantum formation.

Digital Photography Camera: How to Photograph Soap Bubbles

aurora electric and magnetic semi loop quantum formation

Circulation  of energetic matter in electron, bubble and closed quantum formation.


1      Electric swirl  [Kerr swirl like, black hole, plasma source]

2      Expelled electric path [with clockwise rotation Coriolis forces].

3      Creates white hole swirl [Schwarzschild swirl]




4      Schwarzschild swirl creates magnetic path [Coriolis contra clockwise forces]

5      Those forces move from north to south

6      Create closed energetic circulation in electron bubble [closed gravity quantum formation]  Circulation of energy [energetic matter] in closed gravity semi loop   Electron on basis NATURE observations and conclusion.


Bubble –quantum composed by two semi loops. Quantum created by swirling string motion.

NGC6992, Eastern Veil Nebula   



p:// -10907

This virtual wave-particle [of condensed given space]  by peculiar motion create quantum-string [double bubbles] formation.

1Fluctuated condensed space particle by peculiar active fluctuate, swirling, rotation, revolving, motion create second particle-neutron electron pict. 2.

3. positron+ by changing spin [forces directed to inside-0] create pct.4 electron-neutron particle[mass]. By continue activity come back to+spin. and back to “space” or unified by positronium created formations with other like formations created vortices. dark matter. space time curvatures ect.   





Pict.1 These space double bubbles [T -quanta] are in continue activity by fluctuation, undulation, vibration, and rotation behavior . They vibrate to all directions. The high active positron-space easy unified with other positrons and can create also more positrons but imediatly create gravity part which“ watches-quard” quantum double bubbles string integrity

2 The high active  positron space easy unified with other positrons but gravity part “watches-quard” of quantum double bubbles string of they integrity, that is reason of the most ingenious behavior.  

3. The peculiar “space “circulation in T quantum cause to quantum vibration and continue changing of shape by different forms. The independent T quantum exist very short time








  1. String T [M]  quantum.   2-3 Continue changing of shape by different forms. 3. Bounced independent elongated double bubbles string.s  4 The T quanta are virtual wave creations, 5. Positrons [part of quantum] unified by high active electric behavior + [electron’s part charge 0] but electron part not unifid [see Tejman’s atom], 5.The electron part of quantum push-pull  swirl space fabrics to inside of the electron and not unified with other electrons.
  3. String double bubble IS THE MOST INGENIUS creation and BEHAVIOR OF NATURE.

That work like Schrödinger’s cat paradox.YES simultaneity WITH NOT! by the same quantum formation.









Different forms of positrons unifications and electrons divide,

5.The virtual electric+[positrons, high energetic] connections are invisible but magnetic [gravity-electrons] stabile, mass part of quantum are visible and create layers formations.









MATTER MOTION [of space fabrics positronim] +  –[0] ….+ -  + - + - + - e. t. c.  

Veil nebula wallpaper #12445

NGC6960 - Veil Nebula

The Eastern Veil Nebula

Space plasma move by gravitons and by gravity electron part.

The Veil nebula

Veil Nebula, zooming on



Motion by positronium behavior




Pict 1.2.3. vortex motion by + + connsctions       4. 5. photons +-

Veil Nebula, 1470 light years from Earth

Veil Nebula | Astro Imaging with Celestron Products

Hubblecast 07 - Uncovering the Veil Nebula

Swirling motion by gravitons and by string positroniums

See full size image







1 Positrons 2 behaviort connecr+to +.and + to -.   Electron – connect only to + postron but not connect to – other electrons.       + to + create vortex motion

The curvatures and vortices created only by positrons unification.

We are surrounded by space fabrics positrons, gravitons and string bubbles.

Go to fullsize image

Go to fullsize image



By jrtadje on








Excess of energy [bubbles gravitons] by condensed static electricity in stabile formations

Images for Van de Graaff geneator.






future source of energy Van de

Graaff generator

Van de Graaff generators


static electricity discharge

Very important example: When we place two sweaters together, their shared energetic space [space time fabrics-positrons-gravitons] is larger than the sum of their individual spaces. The energetic matter circulates in common swirl. When separated, their energetic level (space fabrics) is diminished and excess energy is expelled as visible sparks-strong force. That means that static electricity-space fabrics is stored by positrons-gravitons [by common swirl and positrons-gravitons around like clouds]. of invisible space fabrics virtual time regional fractional curvatures positronium chains. [small space time swirling curvatures] Everything of nature appears around us 

Excess of energy [bubbles gravitons] of condensed static electricity in stabile formation is expelled as high open energetic bubblrs gravitons -string-path [spark, glitter] which by motion dispersed again as graviton-stings to space [waves]. Graviton concept was introduced by Einstein in general theory of relativity.

NASA pictures, which exactly, explained my idea of quantum two semi lops. That was surprising for me. I not suppose so simple ingenious creation which is                                                    blueprint only for everything and that is double bubble [two semi loops] quantum formation… that verified United Nature Theory [Tejman] and  Einstein’s idea that all quanta have the same behavior, composed by like double bubbles quanta,

illustration of gamma-ray bubbles extent

From end to end, the newly discovered gamma-ray bubbles extend 50,000 light-years, or roughly half of the Milky Way's diameter, as shown in this illustration. Hints of the bubbles' edges were first observed in X-rays (blue) by ROSAT, a Germany-led mission operating in the 1990s. The gamma rays mapped by Fermi (magenta) extend much farther from the galaxy's plane. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
› Larger image
› Unlabeled image

Most complicated mathematical works and most beautiful ingenious ideas alone can’t come to like solution as this simple quantum formation  Bubble [double Bubble].                                              

Wave bubbles quanta [double bobbles, wave quanta creations, oval’s like eggs] vibrate by their frequencies disperse and collect. They collect because their

illustration of gamma-ray bubbles extent

electric-positron semi loop-bubble prevails, which have affinity to attraction and repelling, while magnetic bubble [semi loop only repeals] but is weaker than electric. 

Theory: The earliest version of string theory, called bosonic string theory, incorporated only the class of particles known as bosons.

Only NATURE explained the string theory by quantum double bubble [see Boson particle in atom create other atom-quantum-mtter Tejman-B-atom structure]

More beautiful picture and explanation can’t be…of positronium than space pictures.

18  380x260 veil nebula nw ps NGC 6979; Cirrus Nebula, NW

This double bubbles string quantum, is basic creation of everything and create endless formations including life.                                               

Vibrio parahemolyticus C
Sperm freezing is
Vibrio cholerae



Cancer cell.

The most primitive living “cells” filled up with the most primitive wildest plasma [space fabrics-Einstein] is cancer which  behave like wildest [positron [positronium] quantum.

Cancer appears by injury of some chain of DNA circulation that can’t accept incoming energetic matter [space fabrics- the wildest high active plasma]. The hot incommoding plasma of still open DNA chain [that can’t continue of its destination creation mature closed creation] poured to vicinity from not closed high energetic DNA [like open quanta formation]                         

TShe wldest creation that behave like positronium plasma we call cancer.

The virulence [energetic activity] of cancer formation depending in what stage of DNA cell was affected.

 The cancer creation is very active [hot] can penetrate every living creation by not closed ending DNA to vicinity . The injury DNA chain continues expels of incoming energetic matter until organism not reaper the DNA chain.This injury may be repaired by different ways. That is one of more natural processes of living creations. Cancer behave like space plasma. They expand by pseudopodia [like space gravitons] by swirling motion.  

The chain may be affected by chemical or physical injury, some inflammatory diseases by bacteria, viruses or by affected genes, ect.

The hot hay energetic creation [pro cell] behaves as open quantum of primitive motion continue duplicate by incoming energetic matter from vicinity. The high energetic pro cells easy separate and create new colonies. These pro cells have not beginning of cell creation not self dismantling and not evolution. They disrupted in places where blood [energy] supply is not enough.

Treatment: Although the very high energetic creation “eat” every creation but by stop of supply energetic matter by different ways and blockage energetic cancer matter activity also by different sophisticated ways we can repair this problem. I though that the most easy way to fight with caner is by nano technology to close oncogenics new created vessels to stop energy supply together with other treatment.

 By researches “cancer” we learn to deal with DNA chains that can help to prolong human life by activate or suppressed some chain, to deal with the most sophisticated creation of NATURE HUMAN BEING. 


cancer cells

Double bubble string  like positronium quantum-cancer. High, primitive, energetic creation is not easy fight with him.   

2D Cell Cross-Section

Cells filled up with plasma positrons [positroniums] 

A cross-section of a cancer cell with many membrane-spanning receptors is shown. Three pairs of receptors represent activated, dimerized receptors. These dimers have activated intracellular signaling pathways, represented by a string of glowing yellow oval shapes.

Cancer Cells  targetedtherapies/breastcancer_htmlcourse/page3

Cancer clls move like gravitons by swirling motion.

Cancer cells



The Veil nebula

Veil Nebula, zooming on

File:Eagle nebula pillars.jpg

http://www.aao  ula_pillars.jpg&imgrefurl=


Injury of one small chain may destroy the all host.



Natural Killer T-Cell (blue) attacking a cancer cell it-occur.htm Michael Lotze, MD, Marc Rubin, MBA

see Introduction to Cancer November 2003

 See my paper Introduction to Cancer but every day we became new important data. November 3, 2003[Origins ][Prevention][Treatment ][Autoimmune Diseases

Despite the abundance of attention that cancer has attracted, it continues to constitute one of the deadliest scourges of the modern era. Wave theory proposes a revolutionary approach to understanding cancer, which may help         


treat diseases..According to wave theory, living, mercurial energetic matter configured as a wave formation creates everything, including DNA — which is itself a sophisticated, living highly energetic wave. The DNA subsists and replicates by continuously absorbing energy. New strands of DNA similarly share from the surrounding energy. Occasionally, an excess amount of energy, which for various reasons can be neither “digested” nor expelled, results in super-energetic DNA. These paradoxically parasitic, super life formations voraciously suck in energy in a manner that resembles the most virulent viruses to the extent that they destroy everything else in their vicinity, including the original host. In fact, it is these super-energetic DNA

Wave theory, which is based on observations of nature, provides a roadmap that will help researchers navigate the extensive knowledge that they have already produced in order to develop an effective treatment for this lethal natural creation. However, we will only defeat the terrible scourge of cancer by resorting to a harmonious

.Stem cell

 Immature, closed, not organized cells structure with a lot of high energetic plasma [like cancer-plasma] but with well define membrane cells [quantum], That control cell behavior, not as cancer [open quantum that not stops create high energetic plasma “cells” additional to chaotic cancer positroniums plasma, with defected cell membrane].  S.C. has diffused short plasma DNA strings [plasma composed by high active “space fabrics, disperse  positroniums and DNA strings]. Stem cells introduced to affected tissue became all properties of the host cells, by expelled from tissue cells different cells creations include Ribosomes and mRNA. Every tissue, during host life, is replaced. That means every tissue have like stem cells. But host have additional reserve S.C that migrate to help the tissue overcame of the arises problem, That is the most ingenious process of NATURE self cure. That seems be very simple but hat is very … very sophisticate [“simple” DIVINE]

S.C like viruses has high energetic plasma so they easy transit to cancer cells.

HPV virus related to cancer

The very hot positronium [plasma-matrix structure] has behavior between viruses and cancer some circumstances, cause to transmitted virus to cancer.

We known that fire we threat by fire or dynamite. Dynamite by suddenly rise  high energy-temperature [energy –see Tejman works] by suddenly motion of  space fabrics get over the fire. That seem appears by host, affected by virus, fight by rise of temperature. That seems apears with cancer but that needs very high temperatures. That is the principle of radiotherapy; high condensed of positrons and positroniums electrons tansmite [energetic shots] fo overcame cancer. Not all types of virus lead to cancer, only a small percentage of them.


They are also filled up by some percent of this wildest plasma that cause to wlldest behavior of some viruses as like cancer and behave as positronium quantum. Viruses are the most primitive cell formation. They have beginning [offspring] transmit phase transitions [that not appears in cancer] and decay by evolution. The virus have organella.

bacteriophage landing on bacterium

http://archives.microbe robes/virus_bacterium


news.softpedia- -Scientific-HIV virus.

In virus plasma is  well organied by DNA formation.

Diagram of the rabies virion

media/image1.jpeg transmission/virus.htm lRabies  virus

Well organized structures inside of virus. rhabies

sciencedaily. rhabies



23-D cryoelectron microscope reconstruction of the cross-section of a virus, before and after cramming itself full of its own DNA. (Credit: Ye Xiang and Michael Rossmann, Purdue University)

3 Coronaviruses are a group of viruses known for causing the common cold. They have a halo, or crown-like (corona) appearance when viewed under an electron microscope.

Dark matter-maximum chaotic condensation of space fabrics.

See full size image

Dark matter, [plasma of spce fabrics [Einstein] mainly by positrons and positronium strings].  

Chaotic activity of condensates space fabrics of different pressing spaces create different creations. Because these creation  are very hot and very loose [not fast binding] so they not persit long time and change their shape all time. Only quanta created by black hole [where all space creations became very sticky-see Tejman’s black hole definition] are stabile.

The curvatures and vortices created unification of positroniums by positrons part.

Pict. head of graviton.

The Veil Nebula: Segment 3  

conus  graviton  creation  

The heads of gravitons

http://www.narrowbandimaging com/Tricolor_page.htm /Tricolor_page.htm

Islands of condensed space fabrics-Dark matter in 3 D infinite Universe   

See full size image

Wallpapervortex                                                                                   The Silver Surfer WS

3D island in sea of space fabrics of of strings bubbles quanta created by positrons.

File:Hs-2009-25-e-full jpg.jpg


Creation of double bubbles [quanta] by dark matter.

Creation of bubbles [double bubbles DNA chain] quanta by surrounding dark matter Chains of quanta created by gravitons [visible in rt pict.]  DNA creations by gravitons [rt]

C Nebula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

   Quanta created by positroniums.



Black ole  Big graviton.

tanjeev.wordpresscom swirling gravitonexpel

The Cone  nebula..webshots

Beautiful picture of gravitons creation by swirling condensed motions of positroniums that on top create black hole formation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

File:Eagle nebula pillars.jpg

                             The lava - plasma:

Primary “wildest” creation inside of earth by space fabrics and positroniums.




   Lava 1The motion of space plasma by gravitons.

2 In plasma motion appears a lot bubbles [double bubbles].

3. Plasma motion by double bubbles, DNA formation. 

[That seems very simple, but that is the very sophisticated and is only beginning to understanding the DIVANE NATURE behaviors]. 

Huge quantum formation created by DNA chains. Creation of bubbles [double bubbles DNA chain] quanta by surrounding dark matter space fabrics, positrons, positroniums ect. 

orion nebula

From active condensed dark matter [condensed more by swirling gravitons motion]. Gravitons on most condensed space [like black hole] expelled swirling path- - chains, trajectories  of double bubbles [electromagnetic The motion of swirling path - chains of double string bubbles [electromagnetic-double bubbles] strong force of high energetic “positron” photon quantum [gravitational wave strings bubbles]  These string bobbles [like DNA chain] create everything include our life. This amazing picture is the picture of century so I try explain over and over.   Description of picture: On top at right like “clean” space, we see some small diffuse condensations, that means that space is not empty. Condensation appears by steps with large bulks and in most condensed space appears cone [gravitons-Tejman] which expels by swirling motion chains of waved bubbles- two kinds of bubbles, dense and less dense.  The chain swirl is like DNA.  These double bubbles are [electromagnetic-double bubbles]- strong energetic force, that create very large formation “double bubble” galaxy, nebula. Where one bubble is dense [with gravity bevior] and the second less dense [with electric positron behavior see]. This creation composed by endless condensed bubbles [double bubbles]. On top of of this formation we see new formation, offspring of this huge quantum

The creations of NATURE are simple but very…very sophisticated!!!  

Years UNT show that positron create neutron that means matter I not guess of some relationship with Higgs boson but maybe positron is one of path to understanding space fabrics 2005.

I cam back to this picture because…

That is the picture of century !

Creation of quantum formation by space fabrics, positrons and double bubbles.

Please see how quantum is created!!!

Only NATURE, alone, explained its creation and behavior.!!!

More beautiful, “simple”, creation of quanta formations, by strings bubbles, can not be! 

But this simplicity is the most sophisticated.  This picture not needs explanation.



Quanta can be created by different ways.               Pict. creation by dark matter “Celestial filaments” nebula.

This formation explained quantum formation [also atom-quantum structure]:  From high energetic source [in botton expelled energetic strings paths of E-M forces [in that create quantum bubble formation. 

   Celestial filaments. Quantum created by double bobbles strings

Atom quantum structure explanation

Quanta bobbles [strings of double bobbles].

That needs a lot of imagination to understanding the NATURE behavior.

Explanation of “ghost” primary quantum by strings creation see atom creation 


Ghostly Reflections in the Pleiades This peculiar picture is between the most important pictures of the century. Quantum created by double bobbles strings

Explanation of the picture by U.N.T.   From energetic source [red] are ejected strings [path, blue ] composed of elongated strings with swirls on the ends of strings [like bubbles of different seizes] for continue circulation of space fabrics [still mystery for us] in strngs. Together they created limited space formation called quantum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Pickerings Triangle in the Veil Nebula

Lagoon, Trifid & Friends

That needs a lot of imagination to understanding that these celestial creations are swirling strings double bubble quanta formations. pppp

See full size image

See full size image


Double bubble galaxy.                                             Space fabrics positrons condensation create islands                    created by dark matter plasma.                                              of dark matter plasma.
A Quasar in Markarian 231 d
Quantum created by double bobbles strings
A Quasar in Markarian 231
Radio Outflow and Absorption in Seyfert Mrk 231

The basic creation for everything is space fabrics [positrons plasma] that create double bubble [quata] formations.

See full size image

See full size image

en.wikipedia. File:Crab Nebula 


Black hole created by dark energy-[matter] [by U.N.T.]


        Artist’s rendering of the environment around the supermassive black hole at the center of Mrk 231. The broad outflow seen in the Gemini data is shown as the fan-shaped wedge at the top of the accretion disk around the black hole, in side view. A similar outflow is probably present under the disk as well. The total amount of material entrained in the broad flow is at least 400 times the mass of the sun per year. Credit: Gemini Observatory/AURA, artwork by Lynette Cook Artist’s rendering of the environment around super massive black hole at the center of Mrk 231. Credit:  Gemini Observatory/AURA, artwork by Lynette Cook Galaxy composed by space bubbles

“Space dust” “space fabrics” [Einstein] by peculiar motion and positrons behavior of strings double bubbles collected around space creation or create swirling islands-dark matter.

 In very condensed wildest active dark matter by “space fabrics” [Einstein], positrons and positroniums appears different creations created by double bubbles strings [Tejman-Feynman condensed path called space time curvatures [Einstein]. By they continue, condensed, pushing motion of space time curvatures by gravitons positroniums peculiar motion, appears the most condensed space swirl Black hole. Black hole appears by gravitons pushing condensation swirling open quanta motion.

Black hole in the most condensed location, called singularity, stick space double bubble strings and expelled them as DNA Quanta and formations as galaxies and stars [Tejman].

Summary : Black hole created by pushing peculiar motion of condensed [double bubble space strings] space time curvatures [Einstein] 

This definition relate to huge space black holes dark energy but .

life and others stabile creations appears by released white dismantling quanta energy.



Maybe that  the Planck length \ell_\text{P}is defined as the smallest virtual space creation, and maybe that the 3 D  space positron which create “energetic” string, bubble, [double bubble] positronium two hemispheres. is the first “pre quantum” creations for everything

\ell_\text{P} =\sqrt\frac{\hbar G}{c^3} \approx 1.616\;199 (97) \times 10^{-35} \mbox{ m}

Where cis the speed of light in a vacuum, Gis the gravitational constant, and \hbaris the reduced Planck constant. The two digits enclosed by parentheses are the estimated standard error associated with the reported numerical value.[1][2]The Planck length is about 10−20 times the diameter of a proton, and thus is exceedingly small.   Energy states are related to the frequency by the Planck equation E = h\nu           


Dark energy - White energy Positrons, positroniums are active, fluctuated, wildest, chaotic creations that by condensation [dark matter creations] and connections by positrons appears connected postroniums chains motion. Energy [Ttejman’s definition] motion of condensed space [by space fabrics, positroniums and positrons]

Quanta of Dark matter of high energetics positroniums are not stabile.

Quanta that pass black hole are stabile because positroniums are strong sticky.  

Creation of dark energy

by  condensation of space bubbles   

White energy: Dispersion of condensed space bubbles and vice versa
















White energy appear by motion of dismantling created quanta by positroniums back to space.

All created wave quanta from white energy by passing metamorphosis from offspring and by phase transition-evolution dismantle, disperse again to virtual space which by unknown phase transition creates new space quanta bubbles.

The NATURE not needs antimatter to its virtual circle vicious.

The dismantle phases transition is the released condensed energy known to mankind.

This wavy double string bubbles by motion of released condensed energy [positroniums] create everything,,, everything… everything including our life. 




Amount of condensed space bubbles [double]

In given space [frequency temperatute]



More condensed double bubbles strings in given space then higher their activity, higher their temperature

offspring of quanta creation by space fabrics ….               

Dismantling quanta return to space by the…..

same way that were created to…. 

unknown for as phase transitions. Quanta created by space fabrics by peculiar motion that continue by all phase transitions and dismantling to space by the same behavior circle vicious. That indicate that Universe, hyper Universe and ect.. are created by like quanta formations.   

Energy dispersion by quanta open wave quanta                                     detailsshareplay














More beautiful ingenious simpleexplanation of NATTURE behavior can’t be,

From these pictures we can conclude [maybe] that space composed by regional quanta [universes] formations.


Circle vicious of space bobbles [wavy double string bobbles quantum] by phase transitions create everything,,, everything… everything.


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Theory of everything.


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