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Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything

Electricity:  activity of space.

Space activity force: Created by peculiar swirling dispersed space motion.

This space force created by open quanta [gravitational waves] motion.




E=mc². Einstein, E= energy, mc²= space expansion.


Space/Energy circular vicious [quantum]

the secret of everything and life.


Still, issue, for investigation.


Solar [prominence plasma] motion of condesed space by electric spin +1

Solar prominence: [ condensed  plasma] by electric spin +1 [rt.] spin create→ large space of retrograde motion [like neutron motion] create→electron path of spin ½  [lt[

create→closed gravitational quantum wave.

That needs a lot of imagination of understanding the amazing NATURE activity behavior.

Electricity: Motion of released, condensed collected active space.

Energy=extension of space, by open quanta-[gravitational waves].

Energy:  extension of released condensed space fabrics by open quanta waves vortices, gravitons, photons by peculiar swirling motion.


Chaim, Henry, Tejman Dr.  Jerusalem.

Independed researches of

United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory

Space, Energy and Time.  

Waved together that create quantum formation and everything.

According to wave theory, time, space, and energy, are the three media that are woven together, (quantum, wave formation). Wave theory shows how each has its own properties and behaviors, but one can not exist without the others, Theoretically, each of them has

no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of “energetic matter” in which they appear and decay together, They decays together to ??? And by different, unknown phase transitions of space fabrics, continues “energetic matter circulation in Hyperspace Universe quantum to appear by known to us phase transitions [circular vicious]. That all appears by stabile Hyperspace quanta rules [circular vicious].  A. Einstein call them Cosmic constant exactly as appear by quanta equations and by U.N.T. Every quantum is created by space [fabrics] which by space fabrics dismantling and disperse again to space [fabrics]. The dispersed space fabrics are allways equal, constant, in all phase transition.

Electricity: packages of high energetic open [non stabile formation] wave quanta photons (Casmir force from “nothing” space). That is condensate energetic space matter, high energetic gravitons, photons and high energetic electrons-wave.

For example: when we rotate electric wire coil with large energetic space capacity between magnetic boards without any contact between

them electric current appears.


It is exactly the Faraday’s experiment: when we move a magnet, electric current appears and electric flow current appears by magnetic motion

without contact between the two formations. By this motion we condensed “space” composed by photons, positrons, positromiums, high energetic electron waves which appears [not as continue media].They aresmall high energetic quanta which composed by two main forces which create everything. This condensed “space”created byelectric machines pushed to closed wires circulation move from high condensation to lower level condensation.


The swirling vortices [quanta] motion enlarge the space.
Explosion of 2 tons of          

Smoke column from the
The smoke is from

The swirling motion of released vortices [quanta] enlarge the space but

decreases quanta energy capacity [like electricity].


Dispersion of our UNIVERSE by open quanta, like electricity.

Lt. released and disperced energetic force by open space quanta [vortices] 



RT. closed quantum [wave,  atom] structure.

Dispersed space energy [open qunta] is the most known strong force

The behavior of space and energy.

1The relation between space time energy in quantum incubic centimeters. As space becomes larger, time increases, in quantum cubic centimeters the energy concentration in (i.e. Gravity) decreas smaller.

  hence quantum constant


Condensed energetic matter: In different phase transitions this propagation changes. In condensed phase transition (particle-wave) the gravity is great

That means in every cubic centimeter the condensation of Energy is great. In disperse energetic phase transiotion gravity is small

According to the second law of thermodynamics the energy is released to also as wave formations (quanta) by changing phase.

From this equation we can see that  gravity is proportional to concentration of energetic matter in some space .

Time is proportional to space. Energy is inversely proportional to space/time.

 As space becomes larger, time increases, the energy concentration in cubic centimeters (i.e. Gravity) is smaller.

The amount of energy in each space segment within the quantum would be smaller. 

That is a natural life circle of energy/space by rotational motion and gathering in to wave formation. This circular motion accumulates energetic matter condensing it into electric wire. black holes or supernova stars or Nebulas and by different formations again returning it to the life cycle.

Energy matter formation (space-time-energy) is a divine creation. This matter is alive, and surviving off it's own energy – not relying on external assistance. This formation extracts and contracts it's time cycle. The wave formation of this living matter without outside help periodically changes its formation volume.  

 The black hole condenses energy matter and releases it in quanta that create a huge galaxy that within time returns condensed energy matter back to space repeatedly obeying the second law of thermodynamics. This Life Cycle is known as Circulus Vicious.

The same amount of energy matter changes its shape by phase transition. The relations between time, energy and space change but always are quantum constant. 

    As space becomes larger, time increases, the energy concentration in cubic centimeters (i.e. Gravity) is smaller.

The amount of energy in each space segment within the quant would be smaller.

Concentration of energetic matter from cooling clouds creates condensed energetic space which is creating its own

energetic (electric) path flow to magnetic formation-earth.





All kinds of electricity and electric energy are create by vorticees space motion

 The last picture clearly shows that condensation of energetic matter (electric force) form energetic path (glitter) to magnetic earth

with the image in its original context.


Several million volts of electricity posing


Dispersed electricity by sparks of gravitons photons.

Electric force disperse to space. Force transforms to space.

Graviton: Curled dispersed string-energetic path, spark gravitons [pictures from yahoo]

 Static electricity overflow of gravitons give sparks [pictures from yahoo]. 

Static electricity maybe the basic source to research the “status nascent” of the basic substance that create everything,

Electricity flow of Incoming space energy in wire meet some obstacle, object then  the space disperse by different wave formations depending of space-wave condensation [energy].
Wall Lamp Light - Objects
Nature & Light Lamp by André
Light Waves




red blue green light waves



The primary “space-energy” creations are wave of open quanta formations.
electromagnetic wave moves
Electromagnetic waves and
Electricity Wave background
electric waves background


The creations of energy space are endless.


The electric field in an electromagnetic                                                                                wave vibrates with its vectorial 

Zamrisyaf Electric Power Ocean Wave Energy of the Pendulum System (EPOWER-PS)


The creations of energy space are endless.


 Cloud behavior. Beautiful explained the circulation of energetic matter [electricity] in every place by circle vicious of Nature.

The energetic strong force of condensed space create central swirl and around space time curvature-clouds [like gravitons] [see introduction to cloud formation Tejman]  



Basic “space” swirl create a lot of similar gravitons-clouds [condensed energetic space time curvatures-static electricity] It is not merely empty space, as small feather like formations have been observed that point inward towards the direction in which the energy is heading ( picture, left).

Other example, when we place two sweaters together, their shared energetic space [space time curvatures-gravitons photons-static electicity] is larger than the sum of their individual spaces. The energetic matter circulate in common swirl. When separated, their energetic level (space) is diminished and excess energy is expelled as visible sparks-strong electric force. That means that static electricity is stored by gravitons [by common swirl and gravitons around like clouds]. space time curvatures [gravity part of quantum].Beautiful example by nature of open circle vicious-energetic matter circulation.,


 future source of energy Van de Graaff generator


Van de Graaff generator

Canine Styles Striped Cashmere Collection 

cashmere sweater 

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static electricity discharge

Electric pushing force created by space of swirling gravitons and dispersed vice versa - circle vicious.

The mysterious space is around us included gravitons [small space time swirling curvatures Einstein].  Everything of nature appears around us 


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Including space fabrics [gravitons photons].

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Dispersed gravitons and photons


Van de Graaf generator collect space activity [energy] from earth gravitational wave to create one electricity force.
Diagram of a Van De Graaf
Van de Graaff generator
Van de Graaf generator










More beutifull explanation of NATURE activity alone can’t be! 


Newton's and Coulomb's laws are similar,

meaning that electric and gravity substance have similar behaviors.


Newton’s law  \mathbf{F}_{12} =
 - G {m_1 m_2 \over {\vert \mathbf{r}_{12} \vert}^2}
 \, \mathbf{\hat{r}}_{12}
 Coulomb's law \vec{F} = \frac{Q_1Q_2}{4\pi\varepsilon_0 r^2}\hat{r}.





Classics experiment electricity-strong force

Static electricity maybe the basic source to research the “status nascent” of the basic substance that create everything, gravitons.





We are wrapped up with space fabrics static electricity.

This sophisticated substance which is around us creates everything! it is unbelievable.

More wonderful - condensed energetic space time {Tejman} space fabrics {A. Einstein}, Casimir force Static electricity etc. can’t be to investigation

 Prediction:The greatest condensation of space [fabrics] for investigation is near the Nord pole [see heavy water and deuterium]

Pict. From Neutron stars by Steve Nadis [astronomy march 1999] p.52.

Gravity activity of earth by foces [space].

Gravitation: quantum-wave is composed by two

semi-loop { electric and magnetic - space }.

By changing the space time geometry {A. Einstein} or

two semi-loops substance which is around us creates everything! it is


Jellyfish have no lungs or no gills or any special breathing organs. The walls of the body and tentacles are so thin that the oxygen molecules

{water -Van der Waals forces},are able to pass directly from the water into the internal organs and the carbon dioxide molecules pass out of the body in the same way. Jellyfish breathes with its entire body.


Gills in fish are specialized structures, in which the blood comes into contact with the high energetic water H2O {Van der Waals forces} over a very large surface area for contact with maximum of space.

Water with large amount of Van der Waals space forces condense space and transferee this condensed energetic space to creation substance by different ways to blood {“water” of living creation} which utilize them for living process of its energetic activity {existence}.


Space/Energy circular vicious [quantum]

The secret of everything and life.

The primary “space-energy” creations are wave formations.

Thr creations of energy space are endless.

Electricity- Energy: activity of space.

When incoming space energy in wire meet some obstacle, object then the space disperse by different wave formations depending of space condensation [energy]


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 © Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  Jules 2014

Theory of everything.

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