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Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything




Einstein right and Hubbell right


Explanation by U.N.T. [wave quantum theory-Tejman] and by

General Relativity [space fabric’s gravitational wave is quantum theory

like A. Einstein and quantum mechanics both right.

Universe paradox like Schrödinger’s idea is the most ingenious sophisticated amazing creation still beyond our imagination.


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr. Jerusalem,

Independent researches of United Nature-Wave theory.


Paradox a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth and that is the most ingenious creation of NATURE.

Time quantum and all its ingenious sophisticated creations include our universe is the most amazing paradox.    Albert Einstein initially thought that the universe was static: that it neither expanded nor shrank. When his own Theory of General Relativity clearly showed that the universe should expand or contract, Einstein chose to introduce a new ingredient into his theory. His "cosmological constant" represented a mass density of empty space that drove the universe to expand at an ever-increasing rate.

When in 1929 Edwin Hubble proved that the universe is in fact expanding, Einstein repudiated his cosmological constant, calling it "the greatest blunder of my life." Then, almost a century later, physicists resurrected the cosmological constant in a variant called dark energy. In 1998, observations of very distant supernovae demonstrated that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. This accelerating expansion seemed to be explicable only by the presence of a new component of the universe, a "dark energy," representing some 70 percent of the total mass of the universe. Of the rest, about 25 percent appears to be in the form of another mysterious component, dark matter; while only about 5 percent comprises ordinary matter, those quarks, protons, neutrons and electrons that we and the galaxies are made of.    "The hypothesis of dark energy is extremely fascinating," explains Padova's Antonio Riotto, "but on the other hand it represents a serious problem. No theoretical model, not even the most modern, such as supersymmetry or string theory, is able to explain the presence of this mysterious dark energy in the amount that our observations require. If dark energy were the size that theories predict, the universe would have expanded with such a fantastic velocity that it would have prevented the existence of everything we know in our cosmos."

The requisite amount of dark energy is so difficult to reconcile with the known laws of nature that physicists have proposed all manner of exotic explanations, including new forces, new dimensions of spacetime, and new ultralight elementary particles. However, the new report proposes no new ingredient for the universe, only a realization that the present acceleration of the universe is a consequence of the standard cosmological model for the early universe: inflation.   The cosmological constant was originally introduced by Einstein in 1917 as a repulsive force required to keep the Universe in static equilibrium. In the context of cosmology the cosmological constant is a homogeneous energy density The cosmological constant is the simplest realization of dark energy, which is the more generic name given to the unknown cause of the acceleration of the universe. Its existence is also predicted by quantum physics, where it enters as a form of vacuum energy, although the magnitude predicted by quantum theory does not match that observed in cosmology.

Look Here /Cosmological_constant
Figure 1: The cosmological constant was originally introduced by Einstein  1917 as a repulsive force required to keep the Universe in static equilibrium. In modern cosmology it is the leading candidate for dark energy, the cause of the acceleration of the expansion of the universe.


Definition: The cosmological constant is a constant term in field equations of

general relativity, represented by the Greek symbol Lambda, which allowed for a static universe. Later evidence supported the fact that the universe was indeed expanding and the cosmological constant was believed to be zero. Evidence in the late 1990s has begun supporting the idea that the universe is not only expanding, but that the expansion rate is actually accelerating due to the presence of dark energy.


United Nature-Wave theory –Tejman.

The hyper universe is still wonder-mysterious-amazing for us,

not border, no time, no space, void?  

But void does not exist nothing is something and actually exist.

United Nature –Wave theory claimed that every stabile creation must be quantum formation [two perpendicular forces], that means that all stabile Universe creations are stabile formations and according to A. Einstein idea that all quanta have the same behavior that means the huge Hyper Universe and the smallest quantum mechanics creations obey the same rules and behavior.

General relativity theory is exactly quantum theory of everything, Einstein did that! But not imagined visually the quantum as appear in nature and United Nature theory by introduction two behavior [two force-semi bubbles and phase transition of every quantum formation [include living formations] explain the ingenious Einstein quanta equations as quanta really appears in nature.

United Nature-Wave theory [Tejman] try explained the gravitational wave, quantum by NATURE observations together with all other scientific disciplines.

Only NATURE explained alone this most “simple” creation that more ingenious and sophisticated can not be! 

United nature theory is one of these theories that unify time, space and energy under a single media strong force

United Nature-Wave theory claimed that everything created by one Strong force,

Composed by three sophisticated infinite constant active media

Space, Energy and Time.  

Waved together that create quantum formattion. .

. According to wave theory, time, space, and energy, are the three media that are woven together, (quantum, wave formation). Wave theory shows how each has its own properties and behaviors, but one can not exist without the others, Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of “energetic matter” in which they appear and decay together, They decays together to ??? And by different, unknown phase transitions of space fabrics, continues “energetic matter circulation in Hyperspace Universe quantum to appear by known to us phase transitions [circular vicious]. That all appears by stabile Hyperspace quanta rules [circular vicious].  A. Einstein call them Cosmic constant exactly as appear by quanta equations and by U.N.T. Every quantum is created by space [fabrics] which by space fabrics dismantling and disperse again to space [fabrics]. The dispersed space fabrics are allways equal, constant, in all phase transition.

U.N.T calls the Cosmic constant as equilibrium of quanta space fabrics energetic force in all phase transition. This space one force creates second force that by phase transitions create everything. These two [one-see U.N.T.] perpendicular forces are the most ingenious creation of NATURE. This one pushing!!! force create second  force which only push to inside of quantum and sweep [pull] everything on way  U.N.T. explained that Cosmic constant was ingenious mathematically quantum theory. This force, electro-magnetic, keep strong quantum formation, where the pushing-“pulling” processes, constant, appears. 

In the Hyper universe our universe is now of expanding and disperse phase, but all Hyper universe energy activity [space fabrics] remain constant. Our universe is only regional quantum and dispersion “space” fulfills immediately by these mystery space fabrics. The space fabrics create Hyper universe quanta”

The Hyper universe regional spaces fabrics are constant active but its energetic matter capacity is always constant.

In Hyper universe quantum the space fabrics are equal dispersed by equilibrium of quanta creations.  That is cosmological quantum constant


Definition: The cosmological constant is a constant term in field equations of general relativity, represented by the Greek symbol Lambda, which allowed for a static universe

 U.N.T. The first laboratory quantum formation  [see picture] composed by two parts, electric and magnetic [motion of one force] which by peculiar motion create two basic forces electromagnetic of quantum. By motion of on one part appears simultaneously energetic force in second part. That explains beautiful this one force, of two behaviors.  The “two” active forces are not opposite, only appears by swirling motion of the one force by superposition of two perpendicular spins.

    These two behaviors I explain by two semi loops 720 [as we see in galaxies pictures]. This one time [two time forces] is unbelievable, ingenious creation of nature superposition of two forces time, acting simultaneously [like Schrödinger’s cat].

On basis Faraday’s experiment wrote Maxwell ingenious equation of swirling continue motion of energetic matter, create two [from one] forces. The famous, Maxwell, equation, clearly show motion of energetic matter by open quanta formation [electric-magnetic-electric....…


Two perpendicular forces [ of the one ] always appears in superposition

Maxwell equations: Open quantum of two [one swirling] main forces.



In all equations by continue swirling motion appears shift electric force to magnetic and vice versa.

c = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}}. \

Traveling sinusoidal plane waves, with the [two semi loops-behavior] electric and magnetic field Directions orthogonal [perpendicular] to one another and the direction of travel, and with the two fields in phase, traveling at the speed.

 . Maxwell equation, exactly, describe the Nature behavior

Max Plank: introduce the name quantum and quanta equations. Basic formation of everything.  His quanta constant are basic for modern physics..        




Black hole radiation

Energetic-electric part of quantum symmetry

Magnetic-gravity part of  quantum symmetry







Quantum-Gravitational wave A. Einstein, space time geometry,  3 D - bubble closed quantum formations.

Albert Einstein’s space time curvatures are the basic of quantum formation.

G_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}

Einstein’s equation

Visual Einstein’s and Tejman’s quantum space

time curvatures 3D

Galaxy two semi loops quantum

A. Einstein’s equation describe the relation between the geometry of a four-dimensional, semi-Riemannian  manifold representing spacetime on the one hand, and the energy-momentum contained in that space time on the other.

That exactly is quantum equation !. Creation of everything, Einstein did that! But He not imagined visually the quantum as appear in nature and only United Nature theory by introduction two behaviors [two semi loops 720] and phase transition of every quantum formation [include living formations] explain this ingenious quantum equation as  Einstein create.

 .Quantum: C.Tejman, composed by 3D, bubble strings –energetic paths time, which by swirling rotation and revolving motion create strings  cocoon wave formation of electric and magnetic [gravity] semi loops– two perpendicular 720  spins forces] two semi perpendicular loops of

Open semi closed and closed quantum wave as appears in nature.

Quantum structure Einstein                Faraday and Tejman

Galaxy M-51

The structure of H. Atom quantum describe  on Basis M-51 galaxy.

Small and large      formations must have

The same behavior. {A. Einstein}

This galaxy clearly

show two different swirls connected by two energetic path and is completely independent wave

{Quantum} formation.

Celestial filaments of Nebula [quantum-like Hydrogen atom] help

to explanation atom quantum structure.     

This Galaxy structure[ like atom and gravitational wave] is closed quantum formation.

From energetic source composed by Kerr swirl proton- eject energet, paths composed by double bubbles. These paths swirling at right move straight up and bends to right over backward move left and up, Create swirling loop of retrograde motion. This retrograde motion create white hole swirl which create electron’s path which move by swirling retrograde motion to energetic common with proton source for continue swirling energy circulation, closed quantum formation [circular vicious].

 . Only NATURE, alone, explained its creation and behavior.!!!

More beautiful, “simple”, creation of quanta formations by strings bubbles can’t s this simplicity is the most sophisticated.  This picture not needs explanation.


  Creation of bubbles condensation  bydark energy


The ideal structure of energetic matter is the wave formation, which is comprised of an energetic and magnetic semi loop. Under ideal conditions, such as the photon, the two loops are equal insofar as the properties of their energetic matter are concerned.  Tejman’s equation


 Tthe equations of everything: By two main  forces   electro-magnetic,]  

are the basis of sophisticated quantum creation .In different phase transitions the properties of energy, time and space changed but quantum equilibrium reserved.

 The structure of the wave formation is amenable to the creation of various life forms. Any change in the proportion of energetic matter in the loops leads to a new phase transition in which one of the loops has more energetic properties. These changes to the equilibrium between the energetic and magnetic loop result in different behaviors. To follow are mathematical equations for the balance between the energetic and magnetic loop of a wave formation in various phase transitions:

1. High Energetic Phase Transition (Hyperspace):

Energetic Loop(x)


Magnetic Loop

= 1 = 1

Energetic Loop(x) 

Magnetic Loop

Energetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop

In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic loop (matter) almost disappears.

2. The Duality Phase:

Energetic Loop


Magnetic Loop

= 1 = 1


Magnetic Loop

Energetic Loop


The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic loop equals the energetic loop, which equals 1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan.

3. Low Energetic-High Magnetic Phase Transition

Magnetic Loop(x)


Energetic Loop

= 1 = 1

Energetic Loop

Energetic Loop

Magnetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop(x)

In this phase, the magnetic loop is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave. Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (loop) gain the ascendancy! In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion.    



Amount of condensed space bubbles [double]

In given space [frequency temperatute]


         More condensed double bubbles strings in given space then higher their activity, higher their temperature

Dismantling quanta return to space by the…..same way that were created to…. unknown for as phase transitions.  Quanta created by space fabrics by peculiar motion that continue by all phase transitions and dismantling to space by the same behavior circle vicious. That indicate that Universe, hyper Universe  and it formations. Are created by like quanta formations.  

Energy dispersed by                                     detailsshareplay

quanta open wave quanta.














More beautiful ingenious simple explanation of NATURE behavior can’t be,

From these pictures we can conclude [maybe] that space composed by regional quanta [universes] formations because all stabile formation created by quanta.  It is hard to comprehend that nothing passes to creation and creation passes to nothing. This means that this nothing is something that creates. This means that absolute void does not exist. There is no such thing that there can be something which has no space, borders, and no energetic activity (absolute void) ? The creation of quantum universe- Is based on stabile unclosed quantum formation that are at all times, have a shifting behavior with hyper space and Universe dispersed. Dispersed spaces are filled by space fabrics. Dispersed condensed space time galaxy create new formations  in MYSTERY HYPER UNIVERSE  Schrödinger's ingenious idea, cat paradox [EXIST AND NOT EXIST] ruled by  “two” active forces are not opposite, only perpendicular that appears by
swirling spins forces appears always in superposition and one is completing
the other, [Schrödinger's cat
paradox]  Einstein not introduce as opposite force and

active HYPER UNIVERSE is allways constant.[cosmological constant E.]

by regional quanta T.]  and by the Schrödinger's Paradox is a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth and that is the most ingenious creation of NATURE.


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© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  April  2014

Theory of everything.


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