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Grand Unified Theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything

Cancer:Explained by United Nature Theory.

Cancer: The most primary living DNA chain cell quantum.

DNA chains-sequencings are the most ingenious sophisticated primary stabile quantum formation created by dark matter, black hole, dark spots, by cells formations etc.

Cancer: appears, by damage of some sequence, in DNA, chains genome, protein or other reproductive host formation beyond repair and can’t continue its destination process by incoming high energetic matter.

Cancer is living own host parasite DNA creation.

 of high energetic spoiled chain,

Mild affected sequences may transmitted to next generation cause to genetic diseses.   


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr. Jerusalem,

Independent researches of United Nature-Wave theory.


More beautiful picture of Cancer can’ be!

That is the picture of century!            

Which explained cancer quantum, creation and behavior.  .


Causes of Cancer

the lake creartion of double buble [nebulae] created by the same basic primary substance – dark matter ~icke/pictures/Hubble5.



The primary virtual sophisticated substance [space fabrics-Einstein] is living, energetic substance, constant active

[by spin, trajectories, time forces) and is not a surprising then, that all living formations are

a sequence of this primary constant active force [United Nature Theory-Tejman].

Cancer is high enegegeti creation.

That means that cancer is living DNA creation

Double bubble cancer cell classic quantum creation [all quanta has the same behaviorA. Eistein

Genetic breakthrough hails new cancer research era

Grim beauty Deadly diseases under the microscope  Photo:

Wellcome Images

That is important picture for physics and to other for understanding quantum behavior.[and all NATURE quanta interactions].

That is beautiful picture of creation connections between cancer quanta cells.

Normal and Cancer Cells

http://thyroidcancersurvivor.files. wordpress m/ /


Cancer is high enegegeti creation.

That means that cancer is living DNA creation.

Dark matter-energy is the primary most energetic formation

DNA quantum is created by this dark matter [energy].

For btter understating read Tejman’s works…

Quantum of everything created by positron-boson… and 

Spin: The basic, amazing, sophisticated, secret of NATURE creation


That is also picture of century.

Huge quantum formation created by DNA chains. Creation of bubbles [double bubbles DNA chain] quanta by surrounding dark matter space fabrics, positrons, positroniums ect.

The stabile quantum formation created by dark matter. 

rion nebula

From active condensed dark matter [condensed more by swirling gravitons motion]. Gravitons on most condensed space [like black hole] expelled swirling path- - chains, trajectories of double bubbles-chains forces [electromagnetic The motion of swirling path - chains] is the strong force of high energetic “positron” photon, quantum [gravitational wave strings bubbles]  These string bobbles [like DNA chain] create everything include our life. This amazing picture is the picture of century On horizon of the picture we see condensation of dark matter that appears by steps with large bulks and in most condensed very dark space appears cone [gravitons-Einstein’s idea and verified by pictures Tejman] which expel by swirling motion chains of waved bubbles- two kinds of bubbles, dense and less dense.  The chain swirl is like DNA.  These double bubbles are [electromagnetic-double bubbles]- strong energetic force, that create very large formation “double bubble” galaxy, nebula. One bubble is dense [with gravity behavior] and the second less dense [with electric positron behavior]. This creation composed by endless condensed bubbles [double bubbles]. On top of of this formation we see new formation, offspring of this huge quantum

This huge created quantum Nebula created by string bobbles DNA chains quanta. These primary chains quanta are the basic DNA creation of everything and our life.

Other way, of quantum creation, by dak matter.

The creations of NATURE double bubble are simple but very…very sophisticated!!! 

That is also the picture of century!

                                               Wave bubbles quanta [double bobbles, wave quanta creations, oval’s like eggs] vibrate by their frequencies disperse and collect. They collect because their electric-positron

illustration of gamma-ray bubbles extent

peculiar motion loop-bubble prevails, which have affinity to attraction and dispersion while magnetic bubble [semi loop only repeals] but collect to inside

See NASA pictures

Creation of quantum formation by space fabrics, positrons and double bubbles.

Please see how simple quantum is created!!!

Also by most primar substance.

Only NATURE, alone, explained its creation and behavior.!!!

More beautiful, “simple”, creation of quanta formations, by strings bubbles, can not be! 

 But this simplicity is the most sophisticated behavior. 

This picture not needs explanation.

For understudying NATURE  creation, DNA and cancer behavior needs a lot of imagination.

Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download 
 the highest resolution version available.

 Quantum has endless formations and behavior.


The most accepted ways for quanta creation are by black hole, dark spots and  by different creations in cells etc.


Pict. from SKY & telescope  august 2008 p 14

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole Jet.

Black body radiation


For understudying NATURE creations, DNA and cancer behavior needs a lot of imagination.

 Quantum has endless formations and behavior that is the reason of endless ideas o tis marvelous creation.

illustration of gamma-ray bubbles extent

1Quantum structure by geometry Einstein   2 Faraday Maxwell and  Tejman

Pict. basic ideas of quantum structure.

From pictures we see that DNA is natural stabile quantum formation and by template of specific host information on the DNA living chains, the host became his own living specific genome behavior. Own, living, host, DNA genome matrix.

Recombinant DNA
DNA, the genetic code of life
non-coding DNA actually

The sequence of bases in DNA
Genetic code


Pict. Elongate DNA double bubble chains create everything.

Illustration of a cell, showing the nucleus, and the DNA within the nucleus.
Ribosome, mRNA, tRNA image by

An illustration showing an example o of DNA in the nucleus of a human
How does protein structure

An illustration showing an example of the structure and organization of DNA in the nucleus of a human cell. (Image

of DNA in the nucleus of a human cell. (Image couresty of the National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health

proteins molecule created by

Elongate DNA double bubble chains.

File:Spombe Pop2p protein structure rainbow.png
File:Spombe Pop2p protein
File:Protein Structure cdc42


United Nature Theory try explained that everything created by quantum DNA.

Causes of Cancer Likely Found in ‘Junk’ DNA, Study Saysttp:// 



 “Scientists have gotten pretty good at sequencing DNA, determining the order of the bases in an individual’s DNA, but we’re not good at understanding what we see,” Chris Tyler-Smith, a geneticist at the UK’s Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, told Singularity Hub.


 Cancer: pictures from internet


Pict from VIKIPEDIA:  cancer quanta.
Helix Nebula - Unraveling at
Hourglass Nebula
Planetary Nebula M2-9
The Hourglass Nebula, a
What is this? The Crab


Space primary double bubbles quanta creations.

Cancer cell

Scanning electron microscopy image of a lymphocyte

Of Prostate Cancer Cells

3d rendered close up of blood cells and a cancer cell.

Cancer Cells:  primary double bubbles independent quanta chains creations.

restoreimmunehealthdo which-immune-cell-leads-

between cancer cells and

Cancer bubbles the most primitive cell formation,
breast cancer patients at

Cancer DNA formation.

Prostate cancer with Gleason pattern 4 low mag.jpg

Basal cell carcinoma is the

prostate cancer. Gleason pattern 4 the most common type of prostate cancer..

Cancer suck energy by pseudopodia.


news.psu.educancer cells gesnerated in 3D

Cancer cells, Photo:

The behavior of octopus is very similar to cancer and may be by

Get the Look: Octopus Triptych

Oceanographic Museum - Octopus

File:Octopus at Kelly
Video: Chopstick octopus

understanding energetic matter behavior can help to deal with cancer.


cancer cases

The cancers quanta are red o black because are high energetic by blood supplay.

Squ. c c. Urothelcell carcinoma of the kidney pelvic

File:Adenocarcinoma of the stomach.jpg

Urothelcell carcinoma of the kidney pelvic stomach _

Bubbles [double] quanta.              article.wn.comMelanoma is a rhage  animaleyecare.combe a completely tumor

Space nebula quanta. Source for endless ideas to deal with energy circulation.

Nebula, birthplace of.

Lambda Centauri ebula, 



M 76 (NGC 650)


Cancer like octopus.

Metastasizing Cancer Cell

Cancer Cells

Metastasizing Cancer Cell


http://www.matt section/

Cancer cells swirling and penetrate.

Cancer cells



Cancer cells are independent that help to fight with them individually
Colon Cancer Cell Diagram is
Untreated cancer cells
cancer cell

Cancer double bubbles quanta.
cancer in never-smoker
cancer in never-smokers

A breast cancer cell 

http://www.theguardian      .com/news/datablog  +
helps bin cancer cel

Cancer  very high energetic formation.

 http://sharewithmenow.blogspot. il/2010/12/what-is-cancer.html  sharewithmenow.blogspo...
Cancer begins when cells

3d x dna helix 1 - DNA Helix 2... by Apex Visuals 

http://www.turbosquid. com/3d-models/3d-x-dna-helix-1/516912 



Study shows cancer cell fusion with

blood cell allows the cancer cell to travel

through the blood to seed sites of metastasis.

United Nature Theory try explaine cancer as everything that appears by quantum DNA creation.

DNA quantum is the primary, stabile most amazing, ingenious, sophisticated creation of NATURE.

For overcame this damage DNA cancer quantum creation we can only by a lot of imagination and Human being can that by different ways.

When normal cell [quantum DNA formation] is damaged beyond repair. They are eliminated by apoptosis [ending by some creations cell formations] according to genome matrix. Cancer cells avoid apoptosis and continue to multiply in an unregulated manner.

Cancer: appears, by damage of some sequence, in DNA, chains of genome, protein or other host cell formation that can’t continue its destination process and immature cells by constant energy supply, continue this spoiled creation by “open” DNA quanta.

This creation is high energetic [because, the organized matrix, was spoiled, erupted and high incoming wildest energetic matter find not some solution and continue creation wildest not mature energetic cells.

Cancer behave as the most virulent virus which destroy the host and himself.

.Fire we can overcame by fire and high energetic cancer formations by the same way and by other sophisticated ideas as example:

Weizman institute-Rehovot overcame energetic AIDS virus by other high energetic virus. Beautiful idea.

Localized cancer we treat in earless stages encapsulates as foreign body] by surgery, burn, electro-coagulation, cryotherapy. rtg, radiation, chemotherapy and other different ways to deal with high energetic formations.  ect. 

Problem by dispersed cancer cells which penetrate capsule are high energetic quanta needs a lot of energy. He eat and “suck” energy from ever living creation. Her is the problem.

Fight with the most ingenious creation of NATURE

    . May be the most easy way to fight with caner is by nana technology to close oncogenics new created vessels to stop energy supply together with other sophisticated treatment.

 By researches “cancer” we learn to deal with DNA chains and genomes that can help to prolong human life by activate or suppressed some chains, Overcame cancer diseases we can only with the most sophisticated solutions.  . 

Cancer is acute or chronic disease. May be belong to group of Natural selections [Darwin].. We are only on beginning of to understanding this ingenious NATURE behavior that and maybe by sophisticates ideas we can overcame the NATURE creation

Summary:  Human being with the most sophisticated,

 Brain, can overcome this natural creation.

 We are in continue competition with the ingenious amazing

NATURE creation 



 This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. March 2014

Theory of everything.