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Academic Correspondences: Letter to the Swedish Academy of Sciences

Letter to Nasa

March 28,.2002

Dear Sir/Madam:

After years of deliberation, I have decided to publish my Grand Unified Theory in the form of a book named United Nature Theory: Wave Theory. I have worked on this project for approximately fifty years. My indecision stems from my concern that my theories about nature’s ingenious creation might be used not only for the benefit of our living planet ( which is my wish) , but also to the detriment of mankind.

This work deals with the basis of the creation of the greatest masterpiece – the universe and its components. I have tried to write my essay in a way that will be meaningful not just to biologists, physicists, chemists and philosophers, but to students as well. The behaviour of energetic matter is a very complex subject.

To protect the interests of mankind, an organization is necessary that will work solely for the good of the planet and all that lives and grows on it. The universe is a symbiosis of natural creation. The resources of water and the atmosphere depend on the inhabitants of the planet and vice versa. The sun and the earth are in our galaxy’s energetic path, which passes through energetic rings and magnetic rings, causing transitions to cold or warm periods on the planet. Use of the earth’s resources, especially its forests, with consideration for ecological balance can moderate these drastic changes.

The efforts of all mankind are required to save our lives and the existence of the world. This war of survival transcends all borders.

I can only ask that those who read this work use its ideas solely for the benefit of the earth and all its inhabitants.

This work is only the beginning of the road which is without end.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Chaim Tejman

Letter to Nasa

Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2002. All rights reserved.