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The aforementioned gravitational wave is comprised of ascending paths whose center curves towards the star and once again rises along energetic paths, before ultimately returning to its source via gravitational swirls, as seen in the picture (courtesy of NASA) and the accompanying illustration below.


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We can thus see that gravitational (magnetic) waves consist of two peaks with a valley of space in between. Moreover, a planet is located in the valley between the two peaks (adjacent illustration).

The planets not only spin around a star, but within this valley too. At times it moves along the energetic path, where its spinning motion changes and temperature rises. On other occasions, it rotates along a magnetic path, where it is naturally colder and spins in a different manner. This diversity is responsible for the changes in temperature that all planets are subject to. The spinning motion and temperature of the planets thus depends on their location in the apex of the gravitational wave’s loop (picture below). Consequently, temperatures in the energetic loop now appear to be higher than before. All the planets go through similar phases, but smaller planets — such as the Earth, Venus, and Mars — are more sensitive to change than larger ones. It will take years before mankind fully comprehends these phenomena.

Our environment is obviously undergoing major changes, and I believe that trees have a vital role in the atmospheric balance. Trees possess the ability to absorb much of the incoming energy. Gradually, trees that have absorbed energy submerge beneath the ground and turn into coal. Mankind is presently consuming unprecedented amounts of energy. Instead of storing the energy, like nature, we are releasing it into the atmosphere. Therefore, an international effort must be made to stop cutting down trees and to plant as many more as possible.

Energetic matter is in perpetual transition, and humans, who are also the product of energetic matter, similarly lack stability. The same holds true for our entire planetary system. Therefore, the Earth will always be subject to change, be it to our benefit or detriment.

In previous articles, I wrote on the creation and constant release of energetic matter and that mankind must learn to exploit phenomena such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Furthermore, we must reduce our reliance on energy sources such as coal and oil, which the Earth has already managed to store. We must reach the point in which these energy supplies are only utilized for medications and other critical needs. The continuity of the human race will depend on our ability to adapt to these changes and maintain the balance between water, vegetation, and energy.

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